January 19, 2022

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The representative of "Pasión de gavilanes" underwent surgery due to new health complications: "I was thrown to the ground"

The representative of “Pasión de gavilanes” underwent surgery due to new health complications: “I was thrown to the ground”

Screenshot “Passion of the Falcons”

Giovanni SuarezI remember his role as Bento Santos in the novel “Falcon’s Passion”And Back in the news due to some subtle health issues That is, according to a video posted on social networks, they went through a rather complicated time.

According to the artist in his post, the discomfort began as soon as he began working on an audiovisual project with a famous production company, because in the middle of the recordings the symptoms attacked and did not allow him to continue.

“I want to tell you that I was on a very cool project with a campaign with a production company called Akira, and nothing, I had to put the project away, which I have never done in my life. I have some annoyances, some health complications, that brought me to the clinic in a row , and now it was the lid of the pot and I went to score and didn’t give a body, I couldn’t score, I was lying on the floor, vomiting, chills, shivering, bodily pain, I almost lost consciousness.”

As a result of these symptoms, Giovanni Suárez was hospitalized on November 21 and later entered the operating room, where he underwent surgery and asked his most loyal followers to keep him in their prayers, since he does not hide that he is constantly afraid of what might happen from here on out.

Likewise, he stated that The health problems he was suffering from were caused by gallstones, liver and kidney stones; Something completely different from what he experienced a little over a year ago, when he contracted the COVID-19 virus.

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It must be noted that this disease led to the entry of the actor to the intensive care unit, to which he was referred after public condemnation on social networking sites of the unwillingness of any medical authority to open the doors, and despite being able to overcome the virus, from there later He had to resist its effects.

“I left the hospital, they released me and told me: ‘Go home.’ But remember I had a very large clot in the lung and was diagnosed with: a crushed vitreous lung as well as viral pneumonia,” Suarez explained in an interview with La red, a program Caracol Televisión.

Faced with these Covid-19 conditions, Giovanni Suarez has ordered several tests, which he has publicly denounced, not scheduled for nearly 8 half a month later. In addition, he said he had problems delivering expensive prescription medications. There was an error by the doctor in the formula, which prevented it from being delivered on time for one time. “If something happens to me, it’s your fault, and your doctor, I told you.”, concluded on this occasion.

It is noteworthy that since his performance as Benito Santos, the actor did not receive other significant roles and his appearance on the “small screen” was increasingly rare. That is why he first appeared as an entrepreneur with two companies dedicated to marketing children’s items, which many well-known public figures, such as presenter Carolina Soto, promoted on social networks. In addition, he recently opened another restaurant called “Palchorizo”, located in the municipality of Kuta, Cundinamarca.

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