January 17, 2022

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The creators of DC Universe Online are developing a Marvel MMO

The creators of DC Universe Online are developing a Marvel MMO

Although it did not reach the popularity levels of other greats of this genre, DC Universe Online It was able to create a certain community around it, something that was cemented a few years later when it was switched to the free-to-play format. Indeed, its creators were trusted, Dawn Games, NS Play an MMO in the Marvel universeThe study’s owner, the Swedish company Enad Global 7, also announced at an investor meeting. Also responsible for this project is Jack Emmert, who was also the director of City of Heroes and DC Universe Online mentioned above.

Marvel heroes move to MMO

However, according to this announcement, the project is still at a very early stage, and we won’t see anything concrete for a few years. Oddly enough, it’s not the first time that Daybreak Games have been linked to Marvel, since since 2019 it has been rumored that they were already developing a Marvel game, although subsequent studio rejections put those rumors aside. Finally, some assets that could have been used in this virtual address.

More recently, on the Xbox Era podcast, insider Nick Shebeshal claimed that Sony was going to sign an agreement with a study to be detailed to create a video game cut out of the DC Universe Online set in the Marvel universe. This insider did not dare to decide who the study would be after this game, although he speculated on the name Insomniac Games Because of some job opportunities posted related to multiplayer aspects. However, that clearly will not be the case.

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DC Universe Online launched back in 2011, originally on PlayStation 3 and PC, and is exclusive to third-generation Sony consoles. An improved version of PS4 appeared in 2013, only at its launch, while that exclusivity will end in 2016, when it arrives on Xbox One. Later, in 2019, the Nintendo Switch won’t be left without the relevant port, and it’s already free to play.

Source: Kotaku