July 5, 2022

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F1 2022: "It was wrong to punish Fernando Alonso for running so well"

F1 2022: “It was wrong to punish Fernando Alonso for running so well”

cReactions to the Canadian Grand Prix are still being received. The The penalty imposed on Fernando Alonso After the race, due to an action with Bottas on the last lap, he was penalized by five seconds. Although he crossed the seventh finish line, his true position was the ninth in the end.

Now it is Grosjean who does not give credit for the said punishment. “I really don’t agree,” he says. “It was wrong to punish him for his good conductAnalytics in data collected by RaceFans.

Damn, let them run. It’s good to see the movement from wheel to wheel. Obviously there must be certain limits, but I didn’t feel like this job was such a bad thing“, Cash.

“It was a good race and it was exciting to watch,” the former Formula 1 driver adds of the last race in the world championship.

Grosjean also criticized the force’s decision Kevin Magnussen to the pit Because of a problem with his ward. From the FIA, they considered this to be a danger to him and the rest of the drivers, so they ordered him to stop the first pit earlier than he would have liked.

“Yeah, the front wing is breaking a bit, but It’s a small pieceGrosjean notes: “If you really want to prevent something from hitting the drivers, put an Aeroscreen like IndyCar. So the piece won’t hit the driver’s helmet.”

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