July 1, 2022

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F1 2022: Leclerc's engine, KO and suffering

F1 2022: Leclerc’s engine, KO and suffering

MIt’s bad news for Charles Leclerc. Ferrari confirmed that Buck engine, who said enough when fighting for victory with Verstappen “Exceeds the ability to repair”, thus losing a unit ahead of schedule, “The reality is that things in this department are not very good for me,” says Monegasque in Montreal, minutes before the start of the first practice session.

“One possible reason for the failure is that it occurred as a result of the problem in Spain, And we are working on countermeasures to make the packaging more robust and to keep the situation under control”, confirms the Italian team, which tonight, like Red Bull, violated the curfew (working outside the permitted hours), although still without penalty.

Article 28.2a states that “No pilot can use more than 3 engines (ICE), 3 MGU-H, 3 turbochargers (TC), 2 batteries (ES), 2 electronic control units (EC), 3 MGU-K and 8 of the 4 components. for vehicle exhaust. If Leclerc goes up on the third ice, he will already be at the limit when we touch a third of the championship and if he ties it to the fourth turbo directly, it will hit a 10 places penalty on the grid.

In the end it’s all about finding the ring where you’ll face the punishment where it will arrive sooner or later, as is the case for many competitors. “That’s what we’re seeing now, a place you can get past better, of course, but we’re still not clear,” admitted Monaco, who has suffered two breakdowns in the last three races, in Spain being the race’s outstanding leader.

Remember that the first additional use of the component entails a delay of ten places And the next of the same kind, five, and that if there are several at the same time, they are added, even though there are more than 15 places directly, they come out last in the race.

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