July 5, 2022

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Most suffer from mental health problems

Most suffer from mental health problems

More than 70% of women assume this Men are more likely to suffer from depression. This was inferred from a study conducted by IO Research, in which it was also concluded that most of them actually had a mental health problem. This is why the relationship between women and depression is really important and close.

Although significant numbers have come in, not many solutions have been put in place, and 44% of them do not go to a professional when necessary. Something that needs to be mitigated so that the problems do not escalate.

Women and their health problems

Although the majority of women have a mental health issue, this survey goes further and also talks about other health issues. That is, it also reveals that 70% do not know they are more likely to die from a heart attack than men. The Mayo Clinic (US) notes that younger women are most affected by heart attacks. Specifically, women under the age of 65 are more likely than men to die in hospital from a heart attack.

This is because they may be more likely to suffer from severe bleeding and vascular complications.

In reference to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which also has different effects on men and women, 57%, do not realize that STDs affect them more than men, and can have a more serious impact on their health and even cause serious complications in pregnant women. For all these reasons, 62% of those who received information about sexual health consider it insufficient.

There is more. 84% of women said current policies should improve simultaneously Also on that maternity leave The current 16 weeks is not enough. And 60% of women assert that government-imposed policies are detrimental to their being a mother.

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There is also talk of alternatives to tampons and pads, as 70% of women know about a menstrual cup, but don’t use it. Only 27% of women who know it use it. In the case of anti-stain underwear, only 15% of women who answered the survey are aware of and use them.

As we can see, there are still many parties to use in women’s health, and what stands out the most is their mental health. Regarding above all suffer from depression more than men.