July 5, 2022

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F1 2022 LIVE: Free Australian GP Training 3, LIVE: Formula 1 car race result and locations, from Albert Park

F1 2022 LIVE: Free Australian GP Training 3, LIVE: Formula 1 car race result and locations, from Albert Park

Free Practice Score 3 LIVE | Australian GP F1 2022

16:00 | Carlos Sainz is now fastest with 1:19,419 laps after completing a big third sector.

19:00 | Charles Leclerc did a very good lap but Chico is the fastest again Roll represents 1: 19.458. Hamilton set his best time but just enough to be eighth.

21:00 | Ferdinand Alonso comes with great inspiration and is already back in first place with 1:19.660, Before what Checo Prez showed.

22:40 | Checo Pérez makes a great lap and takes first place despite having traffic. Set a time at 1:19.720 while Russell is experiencing an error.

24:00 | Ferdinand Alonso is not satisfied and cut back his time again, now leaves him at 1:19.906 to stay in pole position About Ferraris.

26:00 | Max Verstappen He was setting a sector 2 record but entering the latter part of the track he lost the car and got out, it ended up on the grass but without any damage.

29:00 | After breaking the red flag, the riders are back on the track The first to do so is Pierre Gasly, who seeks to capitalize on what is left.

34:00 | A red flag is raised to clear the path and in the meantime Let’s go back to the first places:

  1. Alonso
  2. Sains
  3. Ricardo
  4. Perez
  5. shoes
  6. Leclerc
  7. contact
  8. Verstappen
  9. Norris
  10. or with

39:00 | The red flag in Australia. Sebastian Vettel hits the wall And the vehicle is rolled back, so the session is stopped to remove it from the track.

40:00 | Lewis Hamilton runs off the track and nearly hits the wall, causing the first yellow flag, although there doesn’t seem to be any damage to his car.

41:40 | Fernando Alonso’s time in the Alps, cutting a lap of 1:20.119 and taking first place with the plan.

42:00 | Checo Prez speeds up his pace and cuts Leclerc’s time but Sainz and Ricciardo immediately reach for a Mexican cut up to third place.

43:20 | Charles Leclerc is already on the track and takes first place, with a lap record of 1:20.689, Once again taking advantage of the Ferrari engine that dominated.

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47:30 | Sergio Breeze improves his partner’s time and now takes first place with 1:21.024, Both with a yellow frame at the start of FP3.

48:40 | Max Verstappen also makes his first fast lap and improves on what Lando Norris did, stopping time at 1:21.178. We only have those times so far.

52:00 | Lando Norris is the first to time this session and sets 1: 21.247 On his first fast lap.

55:00 | After a few warm-up laps, Alfa Romeo is back in the pits Now, it is the senses who begin their activity in the session.

58:00 | The green light has already been given and the first to take the runway is the Chinese pilot Zhou, He is followed by his partner, Valtteri Bottas.

09:55 PM | Leclerc is ready to get in the car and we are only five minutes from the green traffic light To start the session… let’s go with the actions on the right track!

last minute | Racing direction makes a statement Reports that one of the four DRS regions planned for this race will be cancelled for security reasons.

09:45 PM | One of the details that attracts the most attention in the face of this free training session is to see if Red Bull can shake off the dominance Ferrari has shown throughout Friday’s activity.

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Pilots allowed to be loved in Australia

09:30 PM | French Alpine pilot, Esteban Ocon shares a video where you can watch how they enjoy the affection of local fans, Which has not been able to see Formula 1 since 2019 due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Hamilton begins to despair

09:25 PM | After the first two training sessions, Lewis Hamilton spoke about Mercedes’ performance, saying: “It’s frustrating because you’re trying to push, You try to catch them, and even if you do a good lap, you are 1.2 seconds. There’s not much we can do, it’s what it is and we have to deal with it.”

Horner caters to the crowd

09:10 PM | Red Bull Racing shares what it was like to get Christian Horner to the track From Albert Park, where he took the time to attend some fans.

1 hour free training 3

09:00 PM | Activity starts to increase in the crater lane and we are only an hour away from the green light Out for the final training session at the Australian Grand Prix.

This was Leclerc’s fault in practices

08:50 PM | There is no doubt that the knight who makes the difference at the start of the season is Charles Leclerc, who had a small accident this Friday in the first corner after starting a test.

Czech, not satisfied yet

08:40 PM | The Mexican Red Bull driver was not happy after what he had done in the first two training sessions and Looks like he couldn’t find the equipment for his car.

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“It was quite a challenge. We made some changes this afternoon. Some things don’t work as expected, so it was a tough day in terms of mileage. But I think we have very good data for tonight.”

Verstappen happy with changes at Albert Park

08:30 PM | In view of Changes that have taken place at Albert Park, world champion Max Verstappen He stated: “It’s good. I think the grip on the track is very good, the bumps have definitely improved. I think that Making the track more interesting because now you can attack corners better, Being a little softer. They did a good job with that.”

Russell doesn’t like Australia in the middle of the season

08:15 PM | The Australia’s time zone means that not all pilots are able to acclimatize, One of them is the British George Russell Who talked about it on Friday.

Melbourne’s existence among the races, especially independently, It’s very difficult for the teams and for everyone. People come on Saturday and Sunday to acclimatize to conditions and change of time zone, and that’s just too much. I think we need to think about it more.”

(Photo: Reuters)

Welcome to the Australian Grand Prix!

Welcome Welcome Welcome. Good evening and welcome. Formula 1 does not stop its march and here We’ll keep you posted on all that happens in Free Practice 3 and the Australian Grand Prix qualifying session 2022.

The event takes place at the modified Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Which got faster so we can check it out after the first two training sessions.

Proceedings begin at 10:00 PM with FP3, while the much-anticipated qualifying session begins at 01:00 AM in Mexico City And here we will tell you everything that happens.