July 5, 2022

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Moss developers praise PlayStation VR2 controllers

Moss developers praise PlayStation VR2 controllers

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After years in the market, VR devices still haven’t made that big a step commercially, but except for what’s happening with the Metaverse and similar systems, video games are emerging as a sector in which this success can be achieved. One of the best proposals in this sense was Sony’s with PlayStation VR and Now that the second version is under development Expectations are rising, as pointed out by a developer close to it.

The PS VR2 controller is a big leap in this generation

During an interview with the magazine game (via Wccftech), Brendan Walker, chief engineer at Polyarc, a studio known for his work at moss And Moss: Book 2We talked about PlayStation VR2, a platform they are already working on which, according to their point of view, could mean a huge leap in quality over its predecessor. Initially, the creator was direct in praising the PS VR2 controls, which he considered to have the potential to be the best of the generation in the segment: “I am very excited about the new PS VR2 controls, because we finally have a set of high-end VR controllers. Quality I think they have the potential to be the best in this generation for two reasons We had to design a game that only works with DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move so now we have two suitable controllers What can you design for the Trackpad is very interesting You’ll notice it’s more towards the rear Hand, and one of the cool effects of that is that it’s easier if you need two-hand interactions that are closer together. You can do that, because the tracer loops won’t collide with each other. So that’s great! You can have high fidelity interactions.”

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PlayStation VR2, one of Sony’s big bets

The visual technology of PS VR2 adapts well to the needs of developers

Next, Brendan Walker referred to the PS VR2’s technology in terms of visuals and resolution, which works through an eye-tracking process that provides the best image quality for where and when the user’s attention is: “It turns out that there’s a narrow window in the human eye. The field of view is where the eye is. where you focus your attention and you can actually put a lot, most of the details in there and then get less resolution out of that. So we’re actually wasting a lot of showing the power without eye tracking and putting the details where they don’t need much. It’s fun because it’s one of those things that gets excited It’s the engineers where we can improve performance and increase fidelity and when it works well, they won’t notice because you won’t notice that what’s outside of your peripheral vision will be at a lower resolution.”

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