May 22, 2022

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Facebook Messenger adds new chat options

Facebook Messenger is updated with a number of features and shortcuts.

Messenger is adding a new feature reminiscent of the dynamics of Slack. Yes, it’s all about Slack shortcuts, no less.

Facebook Messenger has been updated with new shortcuts

Today we’re excited to introduce Shortcuts in Messenger, a new command system to help enhance messaging efficiency and add more fun to your experience.

So if you open the app, you might already come across two new shortcuts: @everyone and /silent. Just like in Slack or Discord, the first command allows us to grab the attention of the entire group, without having to manually mention them one by one.

The second command gives you the ability to send messages in the chat silently. This means that your contact will not receive a notification of your message. A practical option when we send a message at an inconvenient time to our contact, for example, when he is in a different time zone. So that we can send messages at any time without causing inconvenience to anyone.

These new shortcuts are now available in the app messenger for iOS and Android. And this is just the beginning because goal He promises that he will add many more options in the future. For example, users who live in the United States will be able to rely on the “Pay” command, which will facilitate the process of sending and receiving money between friends.

Another option that will be added will be “/gif” so that you can find the GIF you need just by typing this command and a keyword. And of course you can’t miss “/tableflip”. We’ll have to wait for future updates to see how Facebook Messenger continues to expand this set of shortcuts.

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