December 9, 2023

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False myths against air conditioning in your car

False myths against air conditioning in your car

In this very hot summer, Air conditioning is probably the only thing that can keep us sane and minimally productive. In the car, it is also our best ally to make the holiday trips and vacations that this time of year offers us in a pleasant way.

but However, this device still has a certain base of detractors who have very different reasons for refusing to use it., also on the wheel of our car. The reasons, most of them strange, are that brands like Skoda are quick to dismantle without difficulty.

A source of comfort and security

One of the main arguments against car air conditioning, especially among Spanish consumers, is that This is an additional cost.. The reason for this is that over time it has become obsolete, which is that apart from Skoda’s own case (where it is standard across its entire range, even on some models such as air conditioning) this system It is standard equipment at most manufacturerseliminating the need to pay the optional extra price typical of the 1980s and 1990s.

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There is another argument, no less strong, which confirms that its use harms fuel consumption. This is true to some extent, as turning on the air conditioner leads to increased fuel consumption, but this does not mean that when it is connected, the car burns gasoline “in batches.” According to the Energy Fund Air conditioning can worsen engine efficiency by a maximum of 5%, which is about the same as the loss caused by insufficient tire pressure. Or riding overloaded and at a higher speed than recommended.

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Regarding the duration of its use, there are those who believe that the air conditioner should not be used in cold weather, or that it should not be turned on when the engine is running. As Skoda remembers, Today’s air conditioning systems are reliable enough to remain in continuous operation while the vehicle is in useNo matter the temperature outside. In fact, prolonged system downtime can generate dirt and fungus in the vent ducts, as well as deprive your air compressor of the lubrication it needs.

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We leave for last the most bizarre argument against air conditioning, which claims that it can endanger the health of passengers. Nothing could be further from the truth in modern car air conditioning. In addition to cold and heat diverters, there is an air dehumidifier and a filter that prevents viruses, bacteria and allergens from penetrating. To the cabin.

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