July 14, 2024

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Fanny Carbajo explodes against her ex-partner Christopher Guzman: “I had to block my card”

Fanny Carbajo explodes against her ex-partner Christopher Guzman: “I had to block my card”

Open “war” between Fanny Carbajo and Christopher Guzman. Nine months after their love story ended, the two former contestants in the first edition of “Temptation Island” They are still champions of strong disputes on social networks. Latest? At the end of this same week. The woman from Madrid takes to her Instagram profile to accuse her ex-husband, as well as his current partner, of alleged fraud.

“I have had to block my bank card because after nine months of separation, I am still receiving charges from Play. Charges that I have no reason to continue paying,” Fanny Carbajo begins by writing. “What now You and your girlfriend can make money by scamming people through sports betting He added: “Telegram (did not do this to me because I advised it not to do so), pay for your items and return everything you owe me.”

And not only that. Fanny Carbajo reveals Christopher Guzman’s latest moves online. “By the way… yesterday they wrote to me from three clinics (what a shame!) that you are looking to do your girlfriend a plastic surgery for free.”Also write. “They tell you no everywhere. If he wants tits, he has to pay for it like everyone else because he doesn’t work on the networks and has no real followers. Don’t use my name for that either, please.”

Fani Carbajo demands respect

“Stop making fun of me and my boyfriend online because, unlike you and everyone else, he is dedicated to his work and does not think he is influential for being with me,” Fani insists while demanding respect from his current partner. The television station explained that her boyfriend does not belong to the moderate group and that he devotes himself to “working, helping me, taking care of me, and not lying to my followers.” “I’m already tired of so much hypocrisy and lies.”he’s referring to.

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“I’m going to do my own thing. Stop throwing hate at me and stop lying.” Manipulating just to feel goodto see that people are throwing me Dislikes Because I repeat, I am not talking, everyone is happy as they are… Well, that’s all.”