August 8, 2022

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Fedobe makes a recommendation to Cruz about the operations team

Fedobe makes a recommendation to Cruz about the operations team

Juan Nunez reiterated that Nelson Cruz enjoyed independence and decision as manager but recommended Jose Gomez for the position in baseball operations.

The Dominican Baseball Association This week presented the official presentation of the player Washington FC Nelson Cruz As manager of the Dominican team for the Classic World Cup that will be held in 2023.

Although the entity, in the image of the boss Juan Nunez Nepomusinoannounced that he had been working on the formation of the team for a long time, it was Cruz’s arrival that was the first official record for the group.

Other issues that came up were the candidates to lead the team and obviously the players who will see action next March.

In addition, an important fourth leg within the group is the Corps of Baseball Operations that will assist Cruz with day-to-day missions, in the 42-year-old’s emergence as a major figure off the field of play.

We have already suggested Jose Gomez‘ replied Nunez espndigtal When asked about the Chief Operating Officer of the Classic. “I can say it officially. Jose is also the manager who led the Dominican Republic to that bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics and we think he deserves to be here.”

Gomez, last February left the role of COO of Black Chosen from LIDOM, to occupy a senior position as the Executive Director of the Crimson Franchise.

In addition to being an important part of the historic medal in Tokyo 2020, the young CEO was Assistant General Manager Moisés Alou at the 2013 Classicos (where the Dominican Republic won unbeaten) and 2017.

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Nunez also gave some details to espndigtal What is the historical Cruz selection process, as he was an active player taking on this role as coach.

It was an arduous process beyond what we can say. We had to make sure that Nelson (Cruz) could take on that role, before the institutions involved declined.”

The Fedobe Chair also expressed positive appreciation for the changes made by the world classic baseball The city of Miami was highlighted as the “grand arena” of the event.