July 14, 2024

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Ferrari F1 learns its lesson in 2022 and aims high in Mexico

Ferrari F1 learns its lesson in 2022 and aims high in Mexico

At the Mexican Grand Prix, Ferrari He doesn’t think aerodynamic efficiency will be important, but reliability will be important. The ring dedicated to the Rodriguez brothers is located in the Mexican capital, on the V plateau Altitude 2200 metresso engineers will have to deal with a Especially thin air.

The cooling of the power unit known as 066/10 and the braking system were two of the main points taken into consideration in the preparation for the second race of the current trilogy after the Circuit of the Americas event: the bonnet slots were opened to the maximum. There are only six slits for thermal ventilation, but their nostrils are very expanded.

Last year, Ferrari had to reduce engine power significantly because the cooling system was not optimal, and the red car had a disappointing weekend.

So it is logical to believe that there is 2022 lesson learned With the F1-75 it is expected that the system will be adapted to the real needs of a circuit unparalleled in the entire calendar, because on paper at least, the Mexican design, with its three straight lines, should be adapted to the F1-75. Characteristics of SF-23.

After Carlos Sainz’s third place finish, achieved in part thanks to the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton, which also led to the disqualification of Charles Leclerc due to excessive wear on the floor of the Ferrari car, as well as the Mercedes car, the Maranello team has ambitions to win second place in the Constructors’ Championship, despite The Silver Star team will not make it easy for them, so they have to start making up some points against the Germans, as they only have four races left. Close the curtain.

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Ferrari SF-23 vents details

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