July 5, 2022

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The big danger that Ferrari poses with Red Bull in Formula 1 2022

The big danger that Ferrari poses with Red Bull in Formula 1 2022

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After the initial race and the first races of the course, there was practically a unanimous opinion that Ferrari I was one step ahead Red BullBut that difference has since been shrinking, and it seems to have turned the situation on its head.

If we look at the numbers, it seems clear that the energy drink team has managed to outpace those at Maranello, since between Max Verstappen s Sergio Perez They have won the last four races of the track.

However, analyzing what happened a little more, Ferrari He would have had two relatively easy victories with Charles Leclerc In two of those rounds. In Barcelona, ​​the Monaco driver retired due to a problem with his power unit when he was driving with a large margin, while in Monaco, Leclerc s Carlos Sainz They took the front row at the start on Sunday, which practically assured them of doubling down on a track almost impossible to cross, but a series of wrong pit decisions ended in giving victory to czech perez.

historically, Red Bull He was one of the teams or the team that improved dramatically throughout the same season, whether starting stronger or weaker, so if the dynamic continues this year, the Italian team could end up paying dearly for the points they lost because of their team. Mistakes at the beginning of the season.

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So far, it is clear that a file RB18 Have taken more steps forward than F1-75 From the campaign’s first appointment in 2022 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prixwhich is a clear indication that Milton Keynes will repeat its impressive progress, while FerrariFor its part, it appears to be more stagnant in this respect.

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If both teams’ streak of progress continues on the same path, Maranello’s team structure could be seriously damaged in the fight for both world titles, because both Leclerc How Sains They will be below par during the second half of the year or the last races of the course.

However, this year progress Red Bull It can be reduced as the tours progress, since the budget limit can slow down the updates RB18 She almost always received during the first races of the year, unlike her main competitor, who preferred to go little by little and get big improvement packages every three or four major races.

Due to the nature of the new technical regulation of Formula 1 In 2022, the drivers’ and constructors’ titles can largely be determined by the development of both teams, so if they can’t conflict with the cost cap, all precedent is to Red Bull as the best favourite.

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