August 14, 2022

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Salud Pública debate sobre la vacunación de la viruela del mono y la cuarta dosis contra la Covid

Public health debate on the monkeypox vaccination and the fourth dose against Covid

This afternoon, the Public Health Committee will discuss a strategy Vaccination against the virus monkey poxof which Spain has already received 200 units, in addition to the second booster dose against the Corona virus in the elderly and home users.

The Director-General of Public Health at the Ministry of Health and Communities will address these two issues once the status updates of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the monkeypox outbreak confirmed by Spain are completed. 198 cases.

Thus, according to their agenda, they will first deal with the administration of a second reinforcement against Covid-19 for those over 80 and home users who, according to what the Minister of Health erred last week, Carolina Dariathey will receive updated vaccines for the new variants that pharmaceutical companies are working on.

“Experts, and the Public Health Committee as well, believe that although a second booster dose will be necessary, the most appropriate time for it should be determined according to the epidemiological situation, and very likely later with The arrival of new vaccines adapted in various forms, “ He indicated last Thursday in his appearance before the Congressional Health Committee.

In the same appearance, Daria announced that they will arrive “imminently, and it is already imminent”, about 200 shots Imvanex And that they will start taking them according to the indications prescribed by the public health authorities.

vaccination strategy

According to sources from the Commission, this week, the directors-general, in which they will hold a dual meeting, will determine the strategy that will be applied, whether it will focus only on close contacts or will extend to health workers exposed.

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what yes It has already excluded the vaccination of all populations over 40 years of age It is not against traditional smallpox; For now, what the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has recommended is that “if smallpox vaccines are available in the country, consideration should be given to vaccinating those at high risk after taking advantage of the study risks.”

These 200 vaccines, which Spain received yesterday, are the result of “steps” taken by the government with another member state outside the central purchase agreement that it has committed with other countries through Hera, the European Health Emergency Preparation and Response Authority, the one who will “buy and donate” Medications based on population.

Although it will also introduce them to the countries with the largest number of cases, the minister confirmed, Spain, after United kingdomwhich scored 225, is the state most confirmed in terms of positives, a total of 198.

It is followed by Portugal (143), Germany (65), the Netherlands (41), France (33), Italy (22), Belgium (16), the Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia (6), Sweden (5), Denmark (3), Norway (2), Hungary, Gibraltar and Malta (1).

To the vaccines is added the antiviral Tecovirimat SIGA, which is authorized to treat smallpox, monkeypox and bovine smallpox and for which Spain received dozens of treatments last week.

treatment against covid

Subsequently, they will also study a new document on Evusheld, a rapid preventive AstraZeneca for immunosuppressed people who, despite being vaccinated against the coronavirus, do not generate antibodies to achieve an adequate defense against the coronavirus. This is the second treatment available against COVID in Spain with Pfizer’s Baxiloid.

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Aside from COVID and ‘monkeypox’, the Public Health Committee has put on the table a rabies vaccination document that was prepared with the introduction of vaccines as a result of the work done by these technicians in updating the rabies plan.