August 15, 2022

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Fiat: E-Ducato, Fiat's new era in delivery fleets

Fiat: E-Ducato, Fiat’s new era in delivery fleets

FPresented the Italian brand’s industrial vehicle division par excellence iat Professional The eighth series of his Ducato vanOne of the icons of the transportation sector and the delivery of goods in towns and cities. And this time the delivery comes with a gift for him 40th birthday. Full premiere in keeping with the times.

The big news is The first electric alternative From its history, E-Ducato, who arrived Driven by imminent restrictions in city centers of over 50,000 inhabitants for combustion vehicles. With it, the companies will be able to do their work without any hindrances and also in the comfort of the carrier which is highly distinguished by the technologies used in the truck configuration.

Built from the ground up with the idea of ​​full electrification, the E-Ducato is what sets the model apart from its traditional peers. but Customer requests have been taken into consideration throughout the range And experiences of joint strategic cooperation between Fiat Professional and DHL since 2016 Paved the way for a 100% electric fleet.

With E-Ducato, the company or independent professional will have to make an initial investment a little higher than usual (with the help of Moves III, this cost is significantly reduced), but The consumption of those additional expenses will be consolidated in a short time. It also has Mopar Connect connectivity and connectivity technology, which comes standard. This company is also the author Fleet control that can be applied.

And speaking of the Fiat Professional fleets, along with e-Mobility, Taksim Stylantis groupcreated a file Pro Fit by E-Ducato (in web and app versions), a tool with which to The ideal configuration of the electric fleet can be configured depending on the activity in which the customer is framed. It is a new mobility apprenticeship for those entering the world of electricity. Pay attention to the number of possible configurations: 400.

Can accommodate the new model Batteries are low to the ground, which does not reduce their ability to charge (Between 10 and 17 cubic meters in volume and about 2 tons in weight). There are two types of batteries, the battery 47 kWh with a range of 220 km and the battery 79 kW, which can rotate up to 360 km without recharging.

In terms of performance, the electric motor achieves numbers similar to the combustion numbers: Up to 122 hp and 280 Nm of torque, with a brilliant initial acceleration, from 0 to 50 km/h in 5 seconds, as can be seen in the wheel of the E-Ducato, adding to the comfort and space solutions of the H3Power combustion engine truck the extremely smooth handling, noticeable both in the direction and in the development of the transmission The nine-speed automatic was already introduced a year ago.

New attractions

The changes are more numerous and can be seen inside the truck, since the exterior is very similar to the Ducato of recent times. Keyless entry and start, electric parking brake or stylish ‘eat and work’ folding panel, which are the same for dining as they are for working with a laptop, are some of Ducato’s new options. A redesign of the steering wheel, gear stick or automatic air conditioning controls takes a step further.

As an “office” or workstation, the Fiat Ducato has always looked for passenger comfort, and therefore the seats confirm this once again. but Comfort is again linked to technology Emanating from the digital instrument cluster, driving aids, navigation or Uconnect provide as much convenience as safety and information.

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