August 15, 2022

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Fico explores the ethics of current artificial intelligence

Fico explores the ethics of current artificial intelligence

Fico presented a study on the ethics of artificial intelligence

As companies are concerned about Artificial Intelligence Ethics How can you help your customer ahleft Good use of these tools?

Although companies invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI)65% of them can’t explain it artificial intelligence models Making Decisions and Predictions, According to a Fico l ReportResponsible artificial intelligence 2021”, which explored the role of Artificial Intelligence Ethics And if it is used when training the motors.

59% of organizations have already deployed metrics for model development and management Ethics and artificial intelligence inside. However, 73% of those surveyed find it difficult for management to prioritize Artificial Intelligence and Ethics responsible, with 67% expressing the lack of a board of directors for their company Knowledge about artificial intelligence.

One of the ways that Fico suggests to help your customer maintain Artificial Intelligence EthicsIt is by observing the models as do 50% of the companies surveyed.

You can also specify the inherent features of the model to be monitored Artificial Intelligence EthicsAs 45% of respondents do, or repeat what 43% do, it relies on statistics to detect potential changes in production data.

for many companies, Artificial intelligence It is a key entity in business strategy, although only 20% of the entities are actually relevant to taking care of ethics. 30% say this issue will be looked at in the next three to five years. 32% are between one and two years old, and only 15% the next 12 months will be a priority.

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AI, Security and Compliance

everybody artificial intelligence models They have some potential for misuse. The study indicates that the five most dangerous models are natural language processing; speech recognition; Synthetic data; decision trees and Learning rules according to the association.

To combat security biases, 60% of organizations rate results neutral; 55% isolate and evaluate the underlying model and test to identify biases; 50% detect biases in unstructured data.

The least risky model so far is artificial red nerve.

Companies that invest in artificial intelligence They understand the importance of securing it against malicious attacks, as at least 30% have experienced AI attacks in the past 12 months.

To protect your customer from Artificial intelligence You can build random items in artificial intelligence models, for example, indiscriminate defense, as did 65% of those surveyed; Emphasis on the review process and security policy in design by 50% of respondents; Or as did the 28% that controlled and invalidated real-world data before it was used.

Now, when it comes to compliance, only 7% of respondents describe their own process Required audit Very effective, with 46% saying their approach was very ineffective.

Best AI service for your customer

widget and access, artificial intelligence company he have a programWhat allows companies to focus on the customer and embark on a path to personalizing interactions.

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Instead of giving your client a piecemeal approach, rely on a platform that lets you know the company’s results.

Always remember in design and implementation that common data and rules Analytical models And the resolution is the real allotment.