July 1, 2022

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"Pirruris" Luis de Alba is recovering after surgery

“Pirruris” Luis de Alba is recovering after surgery

Luis de Alba’s surgery was successful, according to his wife Abigail Alfaro.

The operation, consisting of a hip replacement and a reconstruction of the femur, was performed in Guadalajara.

They actually turned it on yesterday (weekend). Everything went well, the result for the doctors was favorable, yes a little difficult, but in the end it is favorable.

“Louis woke up very optimistic, was in a good mood, was much better because he was in a lot of pain before and now his pain has really changed,” Alfaro said in an interview.

On Wednesday last week, de Alba retreated while visiting Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The resulting calculation of the residence amounted to 30,000 pesos, a figure covered by his family. Since he does not reside there, Alvaro sought the possibility of having the operation in Mexico City.

However, his plans changed thanks to the doctor Julio Ramos, who offered to take the actor to Guadalajara.

“Dr. Julio told me it was surgery on him. Things happened in a way that makes me really believe that angels are on earth. I never expected it, I was so upset in Monterey that Lewis got injured without me being able to resolve the situation and move forward with the situation. When he presented this I didn’t doubt it.”

“El Pirrurris” is expected to walk again today, and if all goes well, he will be discharged in a week. However, you will continue to recover at home.

“Let’s go step by step, there is a risk that the wound can become infected, a clot can form. There are still situations that call for attention because it is a major surgery: they opened it from the knee to the buttock,” Alfaro said.

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