January 19, 2022

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Final Fantasy XIV to make up for queues and overtime checkout |  Technique

Final Fantasy XIV to make up for queues and overtime checkout | Technique

The arrival of the new Endwalker expansion to Final Fantasy XIV’s ‘online’ multiplayer is taking months causing long queues to get into the game and even logout due to saturation of services, and some annoyances that the company has ensured it will compensate with additional playing time for those affected.

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Square Enix announced in July that it was expanding data center capacity in Europe and North America in the face of the game’s revival in popularity this summer with the announcement of Endwalker, a new expansion that, in addition to introducing new areas to explore, will increase the maximum level to 90.

They then warned that servers were saturated, leading to long queues for players to get into the game, deactivating the character generator for new players and logging out for inactive users.

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The situation has not improved since the summer, according to the game’s producer and director, Naoki Yoshida. “Currently, all the realms in all regions have reached the point of logging for extremely long periods, and the progress of the login queues is also slowing down significantly.”, reports in a statement on the Games Blog.

The manager regretted the situation and apologized to the affected players, who will be compensated with the arrival of the expansion – which will take place on December 7 – with seven days of free play. This additional time will be offered to those with the full game and active subscription, including those who are on a 30-day trial period.

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But Yoshida made it clear that the extra work would not be immediate. “The timing for free play, as well as any additional accessories, will be announced later.”, had indicated.

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