May 22, 2022

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Find different types of milk in 15 seconds - inform me about science

Find different types of milk in 15 seconds – inform me about science

Photo: Televisa News

Find the milk cartons that look sad and set a record time.

Many netizens fail to try to solve this visual challenge, although it seems like a simple game, the truth is just the opposite, the user should be able to find the indicated objects in the shortest possible time.

That’s when you start working with all the skills you’ve developed so far. In order to master this challenge and beat other users by beating their times, you will have to flaunt your intelligence and creativity.

What is this visual puzzle?

Today’s task will be to find the four sad milk cartons, the boxes are very close to each other and that’s why you should focus on the faces of each even if it takes a little longer, just give your time.

Look closely at the illustration. accounts with 15 seconds on the stopwatch.

Find the milk away

Photo: Televisa News
Photo: Televisa News

The path that will lead you to victory

Look for the sad milk in the third row, number seven, number twelve, and in the last row.

Go back to the picture and this time see where to place the four different cards.

Discover interesting facts about milk

  • Cows can produce more milk if they listen to classical music, such as Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony
  • June 1 is World Milk Day.
  • 80% of the milk formula is water
  • It is recommended to drink milk in hot weather because it helps in hydration


Where are the different types of milk found? After testing your cunning, creativity, and other skills, we’ve come to the point where you’ll know the answer to this tough visual challenge.

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In the following picture, the four milk cartons are depicted with a sad face and the rest are happy.

Photo: Televisa News
Photo: Televisa News

Photo: Televisa news bulletins

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