December 3, 2021

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Find out how Carolina Miranda joined 'Malverde Saint Shepherd' |  Telemundo Telenovelas |  Netflix series |  nnda nnlt |  Chica

Find out how Carolina Miranda joined ‘Malverde Saint Shepherd’ | Telemundo Telenovelas | Netflix series | nnda nnlt | Chica

‘, is the first period series currently broadcast by Telemundo network that has become a favorite of many people. Its success also lies in the great work of the actors who participated in this production and which is joined by Carolina Miranda, one of the most famous actresses.

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Carolina MirandaIn addition to being a popular TV presenter, she has been considered one of the most beautiful Mexican actresses today. During his career in the art world, he participated in productions such as “Lady Steel” which are broadcast on Telemundo and on Who killed Sarah?Netflix series.

But as a good actress, Carolina MirandaHe was not satisfied with being a part of those successful productions, but among his plans was also to make a long opera, and so his wish was fulfilled by being a part of “Malverde: The patron saint“.

What’s the story behind your entry into “Malverde”?

actress Carolina Miranda He gave an interview to the magazine Where he revealed unknown details about his entry into the series.Malverde: The patron saint“.

In this sense, the actress said that she is grateful to God and Telemundo for giving her the opportunity to participate in this successful production.

It was cool, because literally, wearing all these costumes, playing someone from 1910, which is the time we kind of tell that story, have corsets, and sets this size, and see all the production that happened. Recreate a city that no longer exists. For me it was magical and it was a dream come true“, He expressed.

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There she will also reveal how she was called up to be part of the aforementioned production crew.

I was very quiet in the house and suddenly Telemundo spoke to me and said, ‘Carolina, how are you? We want you to star in this series. And I literally had a week to research, study, learn scripts, absorb character, and have meetings with directors.“, Locate.

And she added that all of this was a challenge for her because something like this had never happened to her, well, as usual, you’ve always had”3 months/4 time before production“But that was to do everything in a week. He also stressed that all this is a plus for his career knowing that the project can be done in such a short time.

It is worth noting that as part of the production, the actress had to put on the costumes of that time and before that she dared to remember some stories.

I started with a corset closed up here and all of a sudden I finished the chain and the corset was already closing like this and the people in the wardrobe were fascinated: ‘Look, you’ve already lost weight because you’ve been wearing a corset for 4 months, you already had a waist. But it was amazing, I really missed my mashie so much‘, was sentenced.

What is the theme of “Malverde: The Holy Shepherd”?

Malverde: The patron saintIt tells the story of Jesús Juárez (Pedro Fernández), a young man from Sinaloa, Mexico, who has grown up to become a legendary figure, almost a religious icon revered by many. Set in the year 1870, and inspired by real-life events, Malverde follows Jesus from his turbulent childhood as an orphan until The emergence of the Mexican Revolution, where he endures the torments of war, danger, and love while accumulating unexpected strength.

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Over time, Jesus became a heroic figure along the lines of Robin Hood, admired by women from all walks of life. However, Jesus still haunts his unexpected feelings for Elizabeth, his childhood sweetheart.

As federal authorities see a growing danger in Malverde’s growing power during the early days of the Mexican Revolution, it will take more than love and God to fend off all those who seek to destroy the hero known to believers as “the patron saint.”

“Malverde: The Patron Saint” was set to star Fernando Colunga (Photo: Telemundo)