July 1, 2022

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Find out what the Hubble Space Telescope observed on your birthday - teach me about science

Find out what the Hubble Space Telescope observed on your birthday – teach me about science

Astronomy is one of the sciences that most fascinates not only professionals, but also the general public. Since ancient times, humans have tried to find an answer to their origin, and without a doubt, the study of the universe has helped us better understand many things vital to understanding our origin.

Although astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, much of what we know about the universe has been thanks to research conducted in the last century. Also, much of what is known about the universe was presented in an easily digestible way by famous celebs, such as Carl Sagan.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this science is of great interest to the public, from professionals to amateurs. At this point, one of the most important tools of aeronautical engineering, the Hubble Space Telescope, has served enough to awaken a deep love for the universe in everyone, delighting us with the amazing images it managed to get all the time. was in service.

Recently, NASA opened a section on its website, where anyone (with a mobile device and Internet access) can access it to see the photo of the universe that Hubble took on their birthday.

Would you like to know the picture of the universe taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on your birthday? You can find out on the Hubble Gateway What did Hubble see on your birthday?

Fun facts from the Hubble Space Telescope:

  • His name honors Dr. Edwin Hubble, one of the most important astronomers of the 20th century.
  • The Hubble Telescope weighs approximately 11 tons and is 13.2 meters long (almost similar to a public transport truck).
  • It was launched into orbit on April 24, 1990, and so far, it has sent thousands of images into deep space.
  • Hubble has served as a tool for more than 4,000 research conducted by astronomers from more than 45 different countries.