August 14, 2022

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The Unexpected Celebrity Who Will Be The Godfather To Violetta Mangrignan And Fabio Colouricchio's Daughter

The Unexpected Celebrity Who Will Be The Godfather To Violetta Mangrignan And Fabio Colouricchio’s Daughter

Violetta Mangrinan and Fabio Colloricchio are counting down the months to meet little Gala, their first daughter together, whose gender they knew only a few days ago. The couple, who met during their time on Telecinco’s reality show “Survivors” in 2019, form one of the most stable influential couples on the national scene. They both succeed in their social media profiles as they are followed by nearly two million people.

The news of the pregnancy came straight from the Maldives on February 13, as they decided to spread the news during their paradisiacal holidays. “We will be parents!!!! Of all the adventures we had together (which weren’t a few), this would undoubtedly be the most incredible adventure of our lives and we are very pleased to have you as a part of it,” Violetta expressed via her Instagram account. “We are still in a cloud of happiness, we feel really blessed,” the Italian added.

Godfather “Survivor”

To make this sweet wait even more enjoyable, Valencia and the singer decided to announce the name of the famous person who would have the honor of being the godfather of their first daughter together. This is Omar Montes. It must be remembered that Fabio Colloricchio and the man from Pan Bendito became close friends during the “Survivors” contest; A friendship they maintain to this day which led to them appearing together on more than one occasion with the song “Diablita remix”. During their last concert together, the influencer went up on stage with them so that everyone present would know the news. “Father will be my daughter’s godfather,” Fabio Colloricchio said with a smile.

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