May 27, 2022

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The World Health Organization stresses the importance of the One Health approach

First List of Main Topics for Prensa Latina . Day

Editor: Julio Fumero

Cuba: International Informatics Conference and Exhibition 2022 will start in Cuba

The 18th International Informatics Conference and Exhibition 2022, scheduled to be held from today until March 25 in this capital, aims to unite efforts in pursuit of digital transformation.

Venezuela: Venezuelan armed forces strike paramilitary forces in Apuri

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces continue their operations today in the Venezuelan state of Apure, after inflicting several strikes on terrorist drug traffickers in Colombia over the weekend.

Panama: Panama expands its program to reduce neighborhood violence

The Panamanian authorities have highlighted that as of today, the “Neighborhood Pacific” program is being expanded to include areas of this capital with the aim of reducing street violence.

Brazil: They are calling for a renewal of the law on the reservation of educational places in Brazil

Brazilian Senator Paulo Payem has called for places in public universities and technical education institutions for blacks, mestizo people and indigenous peoples to be reserved, as a result of today’s observance of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica hosts the Summit of the Alliance for Development in Democracy

The Presidents of Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic will convene the 4th Summit of the Alliance for Development in Democracy here today, to examine detailed responses to the challenges raised in previous meetings.

France: UNESCO calls for responsible and sustainable management of groundwater

Today, UNESCO called for the responsible and sustainable management of groundwater, which represents 99 per cent of all freshwater reserves on the planet.

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France: French tourism company highlights interest in a tourist destination in Cuba

The tour operator Havanatour Paris today, with the voice of its Director, Grettell López, expressed its satisfaction with the interest of the public in France in resuming flights to Cuba in a post-Covid-19 scenario, a recovery it considered gradual.

Spain: No immediate consequences, but Barcelona is growing

The scales were tilted towards Barcelona due to his growth and Karim Benzema’s loss at Real Madrid, but the Clasico was unexpected in Spain’s LaLiga de Fútbol.