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Five things you should know before using insect repellent |  health

Five things you should know before using insect repellent | health

After the recent health emergency, health awareness and preventive protection have increased significantly, however, given the biodiversity conditions in Mexico, the risks of infection by mosquitoes are only one of the constants, since in our country there are between 200 and 500 species that transmit dengue and Zika. And chikungunya, in addition to many discomforts such as itching, pain, hives, and others.

Fortunately, with the development of mosquito repellents based on DEET, an ingredient developed by the United States Army in 1946, which effectively interferes with the neurons and receptors in the mosquitoes’ antennae and mouths, keeping them away for some time.

However, there are those who believe that a greater amount of repellent necessarily means a maximum degree of protection or a long period of effectiveness; However, we must be careful and know how, how much and where to use our reliable insect repellents. Take note.

1. Not all mosquitoes are the same

Although many of them buzz and fly equally, some species look similar and breed in similar environments, and we should know that not all flying insects are harmless mosquitoes like those pesky invaders of our dreams, or when it’s warm and/or humid.

Especially when you go on a trip, go on the train, on a picnic, or on a trip to the park, it is advisable to realize that mosquitoes in a city environment are not the same as those in a rural environment. In terms of geography, time of year and surrounding biodiversity, mosquitoes may be present to a greater or lesser extent, and vary in species and risks.

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Today we know that mosquitoes are potential vectors of deadly parasitic diseases such as malaria and filariasis or viral diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, Zika, various brain infections, and others. Before going to a new environment, it is worth taking extreme precautions, which can range from simple application to Chase And even vaccinations to be able to travel.

2. Repellents… neither one nor the other

Fortunately, mosquito repellents like on! defense – Certified by the Mexican Dermatological Society – Considers a variety of effective options for continuous protection for up to ten hours against mosquitoes that can transmit diseases, whether in liquid, gel or aerosol.

To the woods or camping? You may need a higher degree of protection, which, as we mentioned before, does not depend on the level of DEET present in the repellent, which directly affects the duration of protection against the repellent. High exposure From insects. Newcomers to hiking and outdoor activities in recent years won’t let us lie.

Not only has pest control often been successful, it has also changed some life cycles, with tiny organisms forming a vital part of some local ecosystems.Oleg Kopov (Getty Images)

3. Know how to integrate solutions

When it comes to health, prevention is everything. Although there is nothing better than a good repellent, there are those who enhance its power with some mosquito net fabrics and fresh, light protective clothing, as well as some herbs or aromatic plants such as citronella or chamomile, which should be in harmony with the safety of the home. Small animals and household pets.

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4. Atmosphere is everything

It is true that repellents in the past could smell unpleasant, and we thought it was an ingredient that harmed the most sensitive skin, as well as the skin of the elderly and children. Today we know that the development behind products like Off! It guarantees health and protection to a high degree and in a foolproof way, with the possibility of using it practically anywhere, during the day or night, without changing or invading the harmonious atmosphere of the house or outside, in harmony with smells and scents. Surrounding elements…

5. Protection is available to everyone, every day

This high-quality mosquito repellent does not cause skin irritation and can be used on the whole family, as well as being part of recommended daily protection in places and environments where we know there will be mosquitoes (parks, lakes, flooded streets, etc.). . It is only necessary to apply it correctly, follow the instructions and read the important information on the product label, as well as choose the repellent that best suits our needs and lifestyle, even if we prefer ingredients from Natural extractor if we want to take extreme precautions with the most The little ones.