January 28, 2022

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Foreign women in labor receive good treatment in hospitals

Minister of Health: Foreign workers receive good treatment in hospitals

SANTIAGO – The Minister of Public Health, Dr Daniel Rivera, emphasized on Friday that doctors, nurses and administrative staff who work in the country’s public hospitals have always treated foreigners who go to these health centers with respect.

Rivera referred to the issue regarding the recent visit of the Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, to the San Lorenzo de los Mina Hospital for Mothers and Children.

The same, to affirm respect for the rights of foreign women, the majority of citizens Haitianwho go to health centers in search of medical help.

“He can tour the hospitals, but I guarantee him that our doctors, nurses and administrative staff have always treated foreigners who come to our hospitals for life,” the official said.

“I was the director of the Jose Maria Cabral y Paiz Hospital, in Santiago, during 2000-2004, and the doctor never stopped treating the woman during labour, he always treated her well,” he recalls.

He made these statements prior to his participation in the launching ceremony of the comprehensive strategy for the security of citizens “My Safe Country” in this city.

On the other hand, Rivera insisted that vaccination is the key to continuing the fight against the coronavirus in the country.

“New alternatives may come, but we will be ready with new vaccines,” the official said.

He explained that the first case Omicron variant.

Regarding vaccination for children aged 5-11, the health official reports that the protocol for this possibility is being evaluated.

He reiterated what President Luis Abenader and Vice President Raquel Peña had said that there would be no restrictions on Christmas.

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He urged residents to use and stay away from a mask as a precaution, and “and people who have not yet been vaccinated, do so”.