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Formula 1 2021: “Schumacher was the first to have a bad game on the track”

Formula 1 2021: “Schumacher was the first to have a bad game on the track”


09/17/2021 –

NSworld champion 1997, Jacques Villeneuve I resolved the clash between Verstappen y HamiltonThey compared it to accidents when he was still running.

Verstappen- Hamilton

The former Canadian driver disagrees with Max’s sentence, from three nets, for the accident in Monza. No, at Monza they are both ‘played’. Max was aggressive: he could have cut the sin, but then he had to give up the position. Louis could have left 10 cm more, but he wanted to stay ahead. nOr someone could be penalized for thinking they did it on purpose, when in fact contact starts meters before the maneuver becomes intentional.Jacques said in an interview with the website ‘corriere.it’.

He thinks the same as Lewis’s penalty at Silverstone. “I don’t know, that was also an involuntary maneuver. It was a mistake and it bothers me that mistakes are punished. These two can’t stay on edge. Lewis doesn’t usually make these mistakes, it just happens with Max.”

Verstappen is always very aggressive, with Hamilton being more aggressive. If you put them together in the same corner, they exaggerate, but these moments are part of F1. If a penalty kick is taken every time, there will be no further competition because no one will try to overtake.”, continue.

In the past

Gilles Villeneuve’s son remembers that when competing, there were no such penalties that could change the course of the tournament. “There were no such penalties. But it was different, we got ahead of ourselves on the inside. Now they directly block you, they move, you are forced to take a high risk of passing and you can make mistakes. So it’s hard to assign responsibilities, they weren’t clear at Monza.”

In addition, it highlights the driving style of the seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher. “Michael was the first to commit misconduct, and then many followed. Now everyone is doing it and it’s very dangerous.”

It is worth noting that in 1997, the year Villeneuve was crowned world champion, Schumacher was disqualified for causing a confrontation with Jack during the last Grand Prix of the season, which was held in Jerez.


When asked if the competition between the current championship leaders is similar to that between Prost and Senna, the former driver replied: “Their rivalry was over the limit, and there was hatred and desire to play dirty, between Lewis and Max La. I hope to see other battles, without ending up on the wall, even if they are repeated.”

“They shouldn’t calm down, why? It’s a fight, they are wrestlers and not very aggressive, they just want to stand up to each other. “They don’t turn around and we don’t even see certain bad things like in the past,” he added. He believes that these incidents happen between them because they both want to win, and he has expressed: “What matters most is the fact that they are both fighting for the World Cup. And no one wants to be behind the other.”

When asked about the World Cup winner, Vilnovim believes the Red Bull driver has a better chance of winning the championship this year, saying: “Verstappen is superior, he didn’t make any real mistakes. He was always on the offensive. While thatLewis showed weaknesses. and mercedes too, More than Red Bull.

In addition, he warned that this situation with Max was difficult for the Mercedes driver, since he had not had a rival for a few years. Hamilton had an easy life after Rosberg. Perhaps he had slept a little, this year he suddenly woke up. But it’s still visible.”

Other equipment

On Ferrari’s lack of victories, the Canadian said: “He had a chance and failed, in Monte Carlo. The drivers are doing everything they can, but they lack performance.”

also talk about Carlos Sainz He highlighted his father’s role in the Madrid journey. “He’s well built, and he’s done well politically thanks to his active father in the paddock. I don’t know if he has Leclerc’s speed, but he’s ready.‘, concluy Jacques Villeneuve.

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