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A camel carved from a rocky surface was found in Saudi Arabia

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Kingdom Saudi Arabia It unveiled a group of camels carved into a rocky surface. One study indicates that it is possible The oldest large-scale animal carvings in the world. The researchers originally claimed that they were carved about 2,000 years ago.

Experts came to this conclusion after comparing these carvings with the inscriptions of the famous ancient Jordanian city of Petra. However, a new report indicates that the age of camels ranges between 7000 and 8000 years. as you see, It is not at all easy to calculate the age of these cave carvings.

The team behind this study, which published their discovery in the Journal of Archaeological Sciences, analyzed Erosion patterns, tool marks, and bones from the animals That was in the area. With this, they hoped to establish a new date for the creation of the inscriptions.

before Stonehenge

Accordingly, its effects will exceed those of Stonehenge (5000 years) or the Pyramids of Giza (4500 years). fact, Pre-domestication of camels, an event that revitalized the economy of this region.

At the time of its formation, Saudi Arabia did not have its current form. was the country Grassy plains filled with lakes instead of the deserts we see today. Currently, the reason for the creation of these sculptures is unknown, although researchers believe that they may have been a meeting point of the Bedouin tribes.

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Finally, this result, collected on the BBC website, indicates that experts have appreciated the difficulty with which this millennial work was developed. Many of the inscriptions that can be seen are high, which means that their sculptors They also had to erect scaffolding for their sculpture.

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