May 16, 2022

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France elections |  Macron prevails over Le Pen: reactions, live

France elections | Macron prevails over Le Pen: reactions, live

Emmanuel Macron has achieved a feat not achieved in two decades, such as his re-election as President of the French Republic.

The last to achieve this was Jacques Chirac, who won elections in 2002 and 2007. However, Sarkozy and Hollande became president in 2007 and 2012 respectively, but they could not be re-authorized.

After Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the presidential election, Macron’s opponents and supporters launched the race for legislative elections in June, in which the president will need a majority of deputies to implement his platform.

“The legislative elections will be important to allow the president to continue working,” government spokesman Gabriel Atal said.

For its part, Marine Le Pen warned the far-right of the “great risks that Macron may seize all the resources of the executive and legislative branches.”

With these results, Marine Le Pen considered that exceeding 40% of the vote “a victory in itself.”

“In this defeat I see a form of hope. This result presents to our leaders and to European leaders a challenge they cannot ignore, as well as looking forward to a major change,” warned Le Pen upon his appearance a few minutes later. Meeting voting expectations.

Despite the defeat, the far right achieved its best results in the French elections with 13 million votes for Marine Le Pen.

The National Front has gained popularity in recent years. In 2002 they managed to slip into the second round for the first time, even though they barely got 17% of the vote. In 2017, it actually rose to 33% and yesterday exceeded 40% of the electorate.

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Once the results were known, Emmanuel Macron admitted that he had received many votes to counter the far right. “I know many did not vote for my ideas, but to block the far right. That’s why I want to tell you that I realize this vote obligates me for the next five years.”

That is why he called for the unity of the French: “The next few years will not be quiet, but they will be historic.”

The second round of the French elections ratified Emmanuel Macron as the country’s president. Thus, the leader of the newspaper La Rep├║blica en Marcha was able to defeat the far-right with the best results.

Good morning, and welcome to this livestream, in which we will be attentive to all the reactions of the second round of the French elections ratified by Macron.