May 23, 2022

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How do I find a Facebook user's first post?

How do I find a Facebook user’s first post?

Social networks are filled with many posts, and sometimes it is difficult to get to the first post of a user in one or more of them, from Instagram to FacebookOr Twitter, WhatsApp or Telegram.

This exercise in Social Archeology can be useful for the user to remember what they first posted on each of their networks, as well as knowing the first post of someone they follow or aspire to follow.

The way to access the user’s first post on social networks differs, and sometimes there are different ways to proceed depending on whether the platform is used from its desktop version or from a mobile phone, and the user’s inclinations when using third-party software.

In the case of Instagram, there are two options: the desktop version or the smartphone version. If you have the social network open in your computer browser, just ‘scroll’ down until you find the first post, once you’re done, open and save it by clicking on the icon that appears to the right of ‘Like’, the option to post a comment and an option Publish the post.

Thus the user will be able to access the respective post from the “Saved” section of their profile. If “scrolling” is excluded, a Google Chrome extension is available called SocialScroll which activates automatic “scrolling” that progresses gradually until it reaches the end of the user’s “feed”.

For those who use Instagram on their phones, the ‘scrolling’ alternative can be more annoying as it takes longer on a mobile device. In this case, there is an option to install a program like FindFirstPost, the tool that allows you to find the first, second and third posts of a profile, as well as the posts with the most “likes”.

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The process of searching for a user’s first tweet can be a more complicated and complex task due to the potential for more posts in relation to Instagram.

To find an account’s first tweet, you simply have to use Twitter’s advanced search engine in its desktop version, which can be accessed by pressing the three horizontal dots to the right of the search bar (once the search results appear).

Once there, the profile in question is written to the Accounts section preceded by the at symbol. Thus, the search is limited in time specified in the “Dates” section. It’s easy to know in advance when said account joined Twitter, the information available on the homepage of any profile along with the location right below your bio.

Once done, click on the search button and then click on the “Recent” section to “scroll” down and locate the account’s first tweet from its social network registration.

Facebook social networking site

To locate a Facebook user’s first post, tap on the “Settings & Privacy” section that appears when you tap the downward-facing arrow at the top right of the screen.

Next, you have to enter “Activity History”, then “Your Posts”, and finally, set the date filter to cycle through the different months and years until you find the first post on the social network.


Without being a social network to use, instant messaging network The WhatsApp It is one of the most used applications on a daily basis by millions of users around the world. Some of them are wondering how to get to the first message of the conversation without having to scroll. There are three ways.

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On the other hand, use an automatic scrolling “app” like Easy Scroll, which is available in both Play Store and App Store. Its operation is similar to the above described above and the only thing the user has to do is sit and wait.

Another way is by typing part of the first message or messages posted in a conversation in the WhatsApp search bar. However, not all of its users remember these first words.

The last method is more of a precaution, as it consists in marking the first message of the conversation as “starred” by clicking on it and clicking on the option that appears next to the star. From that moment on, the user will be able to access premium messages from the Settings section.