May 16, 2022

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France offers free treatment sessions

France offers free treatment sessions

Mental health has been placed at the center of the social and political debate in recent years. The importance of the epidemic has increased. Loss of family members, determination of lineage, restrictions, polarization, separations, economic stagnation. There are many elements that have posed an unprecedented challenge to our health. And some countries seem to have realized this. which concerns us today, France, has decided to take action on this matter.

Free. This was announced yesterday by its President Emmanuel Macron: The French government will support Therapy sessions for millions of citizens who cannot afford them. The program will cover the initial €40 for the first consultation and the remaining €30 for each of the subsequent seven sessions. The idea, according to Macron, is to help the most vulnerable families … but also For psychiatrists and psychologists who find it difficult to make ends meet.

Outside the program private consultations above those prices (the majority). In essence, it is To democratize Access to treatment for those citizens who even today cannot afford it.

Numbers. very eloquent according to of scanning Posted by the Executive last week: 10% of those surveyed developed suicidal thoughts in the past year, twice as much as under normal circumstances; Anxiety and depression rates have risen dramatically. Nothing can surprise us in a country that has gone through, like many others in Europe, many restrictions (to varying degrees) and cataracts from restrictions, restrictions and financial setbacks.

and here? France’s move is important because it puts mental health at the forefront of the country’s concerns. This is unusual. some countries, like GermanyFor years, access to a psychiatrist or psychologist has been easy. Others, like Spain, do not. Average price for a private consultation about 75 EUR, amidst large regional disparities. In Asturias, for example, you can find prices of 45 euros / hour while in the Balearic Islands it is around 62 euros / hour. It’s a lot of money according to the families.

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So much so that the person who collects SMI in Spain has to work Approximately 10 hours to bear the cost of treatment.

There is not enough. Mental health has always been a second-tier issue in public health, to the point that it has benefited the private sector (such as dentists). Spain, once again, advances Example of symptomsIt has only 6 clinical psychologists per 100 inhabitants, compared to 10 in France or 12 in Greece. All are pale compared to 56 in Finland. This cause long wait For those who, without resources, would like to go to treatment on public roads: 26 days of waiting in Andalusia, 71 days of waiting in Murcia (first consultation).

Madrid takes the cake: 200 days Suspension.

to the worse. If you need treatment, you have two options: either money or time. The problem is that the latter deals poorly with any kind of medical emergency, especially psychological. The epidemic caused anxiety or panic attacks in 15% of Spaniards. Troops are 51% depleted. 41% stopped sleeping. The actions of the remaining 66% are already distorted. be CIS data. 70% of Spaniards “were very afraid or very afraid” during the worst phases of the pandemic.

that it somewhat generalized all over the world. France have taken a step that other countries will follow sooner or later.

Photo: Francisco Seco / GTRES

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