June 28, 2022

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France's presidential election: Macron Le Pen leads, but there will be a vote

France’s presidential election: Macron Le Pen leads, but there will be a vote

The French Ministry of the Interior announced that the current president, Emmanuel Macron, leads the vote with 27.4% of the vote against 24.03% for the far-right Marine Le Pen, after 96% of the votes of the first round of the elections were counted. Presidential elections.

According to these data, leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon ranked third with 21.57% of the vote.

Since none of the candidates obtained an absolute majority of votes, the second round, scheduled for April 24, is inevitable.

The fight continues, says Jean-Luc Melenchon of France
favorite words

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron spoke after learning that their two candidates would move to the next stage of the election.

Luban to thank Her voters “have the honor of qualifying for the second round” and stated that she sees “the hope that the recovery forces of the country are rising”. “Everyone who did not vote for Emmanuel Macron today is invited to join our demonstration,” the candidate added in her message to the French people.

Likewise, the policy that promised to guarantee “national independence, I will control immigration and restore security to all.” “I earnestly propose without delay the reform of the multiple fractures, social, regional, institutional. “I will set France straight in five years,” Le Pen said.

“The political choices for the next five years will depend on your vote, but they will bind France for the next 50 years.”And announceindicating that it will be “President of all the French”.

for this part, Macron He thanked his supporters and thanked “all the candidates present in the first round.”

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To all of our citizens who chose to abstain or vote extreme, either because they are angry […] Or because they feel not sufficiently integrated, and listening to them, I want to convince them in the coming days that our project responds much more strongly than the response of the far right to their concerns and challenges of the moment,” he continued. “Make no mistake: nothing has been resolved and The debate we will have in the next 15 days will be decisive for our country and for EuropeMacron said.

“I want to tell you tonight that I will do everything in my power to convince everyone that our only purchasing power project is ours. The only reliable project for a high cost of living is our project. That the only project of the workers, of all those at the edge of the road, is ours. “The only project for France and Europe is ours,” he added.

What do the other candidates think?

Meanwhile, the rest of the candidates manifested Their opinion of who they consider the most suitable figure to take over the reins of power in France.

left Jean-Luc MelenchonShe, the third candidate for voters, urged residents “not to give a single vote to Marine Le Pen.” The politician declared that “a new page of fighting is being opened.” “Each of you faces a wall of decision that you have to make,” he said. “I know your anger. Don’t let him make hard-to-fix mistakes. We know whom we would never vote for. Don’t give a single vote to Mrs. Le Pen,” he insisted.

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parallel, Eric ZemmourWho ranks fourth with 6.86% of the vote, urged voters to rally in favor of Le Pen. “I will not mistake my opponent and that is why I call on my voters to vote for Marine Le Pen,” he said.

Valerie Beckers He announced that he would dedicate his vote to “conscience” to Emmanuel Macron “to prevent Marine Le Pen from coming to power.” mayor of paris, Ann Hidalgos Yannick GadotA member of the Europa Ecología Los Verdes party, he also joined the candidates urging the incumbent to vote. Gadot also called on citizens to “block the far right by depositing a ballot for Emmanuel Macron in the ballot box on April 24.”

for this part, Fabian RussellThe Communist Party candidate promised to “make a responsible decision” during the next round. He declared: “I will never allow a racist and xenophobic project to take responsibility in France”; While the new anti-capitalist party candidate, Philip Poteaustated that “no sound should go to the far right”.

Nicholas Dupont Aignanwhich is part of Debout la France, He called on the population to vote for Marine Le Pen in the second round and demanded that “the French do everything in their power to obstruct Macron.”

Likewise, no Jean LaSalle, founder of the Résistons party! , Nor Natalie OrthodLucha Obrera’s candidate instructed his supporters to vote next Sunday.