May 18, 2024

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Free Basic English course with certificate Last days to register!  – Teach me about science

Free Basic English course with certificate Last days to register! – Teach me about science

English is the dominant language in the world of the Internet and in modern technologies, as it has become the most used language in the world. This language has established itself as the primary language for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, especially in the scientific field, as publications, books and academic conferences are mostly found in this language. Currently, two-thirds of the world’s scientists read this language and use it as a medium to disseminate their research (Niño-Puello, 2013).

It is appropriate to highlight the importance of this language. the chapter English for Everyone: Basic Level, designed to provide tools for learning English from the simplest structures. Hosted on the edX platform and developed by Universidad del Rosario, this course is supervised by Professor Cristian Camilo Cárdenas Herrera of Universidad del Rosario and Professor of Foreign Languages ​​Diana Rocío Umaña Petrago, who is a professional in Languages, Social and Cultural Studies. There is no doubt that this course is very useful if you are interested in learning about scientific research or studies in English.

This virtual course contains different materials and types of activities which are available in PDF format and can be downloaded as you progress. Its duration is about four weeks.

the fiveThe common units included in the curriculum are divided as follows:

Unit 1: exploration phase

Unit 2: Paula meeting

  • Reception – basic information
  • Mechanics – basic vocabulary
  • Production Keywords
  • projects

Module 3: Talk to Pablo

  • Reception – simple expressions
  • Structural mechanics
  • Production completion forms

Module 4: I am looking for peace

  • Receiving invitations
  • Feeling mechanics
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Module 5: live with my friends

How do you get certified on the platform?

You can take the course for free, without a certificate, or make a payment on their platform, where a verified certificate is provided for the value of the syllabus. If you do not have an account, you must create a user.

Course link. You can register by entering the course, which will be available for registration until the third week of June: English for Everyone: Basic Level

Share the science, share the knowledge.