June 23, 2024

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Free game Pride 2024: Tell Me Why

Free game Pride 2024: Tell Me Why

Monday 3 June 2024 at 09:44

DON’T NOD Entertainment, a French studio specializing in narrative adventures (the “Life is Strange” franchise among other titles), has announced that “Tell Me Why” will be available for free until June 1st.

The action celebrates LGBTIQ+ Pride Month and attempts to highlight the trans group, for which donations are being asked and which the program in question refers directly to: “As in previous years, we ask that you contribute what you can to support trans creators, inclusive charities and anyone in need.

Published by Xbox Game Studios, Tell Me Why follows the adventures of twins Tyler and Alison Ronan, who use their supernatural bond to uncover the secrets of their troubled childhoods. Excuse? Selling the house they inherited from their mother in the Alaska town where they grew up.

This is how we reviewed the work – divided into three chapters – a few years ago: “Tell me why DontNode Entertainment is confirmed as one of the bravest studios in the field of electronic entertainment. Also an example when it comes to defining his characters and making them feel like our own, and engaging us in their reasons through honest dialogues. The details of the adventure lie in some technical blemishes and filler bits, undermining the impact of the somewhat predictable scenario. This does not mean that the trip cannot be fully enjoyed.