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Frogs living in Chernobyl changed color and this may be the reason they survived

Frogs living in Chernobyl changed color and this may be the reason they survived

Once again, nature proves that it has unfathomable mechanisms for overcoming traumatic events

Image of a species of frog very similar to those found in the vicinity of Chernobyl

Out the animals truly surprising On our planet some of them have survival skills that few can imagine. Talking about Frogs, the heroes of this article, we know that some of their species are part of those animals that reproduce the fastest or are among the most poisonous, although the poisonous species do not poison themselves. Now, let's travel to Chernobyl And let us remember A Catastrophic nuclear accident.

Nature versus radiation

Pablo Burraco and German Orizola are the authors of the book Article published in the Journal of Evolutionary ApplicationsThey describe how humans are able to change ecosystems. In this case, of course, we are talking about the Chernobyl accident.

he Nuclear accident It happened today April 26, 1986 At the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin power plant, which was located in northern Ukraine, although at that time we were talking about the extinct Soviet Union. the Reactor explosion 4 Resulted in the expulsion of large amounts of Radioactivity Since then, this field has been the subject of thousands of articles explaining its implications.

Spanish researchers confirm, returning to the frogs that are the heroes of this news, that Ion radiation He is capable of it “Destruction of natural systems”Although it seems that some organisms have adapted to it.

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In this case, frog species Hella East that have been studied, shown how Your skin color has changed As the decades passed. The study shows how coloring He is Darker In those frogs that were found in Areas where radiation levels were high. Of course, current radiation levels do not appear to have any effect on these tones.

Both Pablo and German confirm that Frogs found inside It is known as Exclusion zone They have The dorsal coloration is darker. Their theory is that this dark tone acts as… protection Against some sources radiation. In short, it allows an almost black tone Neutralize free radicalsthose molecules that contain an unpaired electron in their outermost orbital, and Reduce DNA damage.

The article confirms this Pigmentation He is capable of it It sucks part of Ion radiationalthough a more in-depth study is still necessary to understand the mechanisms that led frogs exposed to Chernobyl radiation to become darker to protect their bodies.