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From Mercury Retrograde to Solstice: How to Use the December Ephemeris

From Mercury Retrograde to Solstice: How to Use the December Ephemeris

Calendar Mercury retrograde It is a tool for those who follow astrology, allowing them Plan your activities And Decision making Firm during this period.

In addition, it can help people be like that More aware Of your emotions and behavior.

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Mine Soledad Mendonca Paz I have shared this month’s ephemeris so people can Go through this phenomenon The best possible way. I knew the most important dates December And what you have to take into consideration.

December: Crucial dates for Mercury retrograde in the best way

For the astrologer Soledad Mendonca Paz“This is not the time to make decisions, but rather the time to listen, talk, see other points of view and try to express our point of view.”

Tuesday 12 December

With the New Moon in SagittariusThis day is perfect for taking advantage of a fresh start and setting goals in areas such as travel and study. The best ritual for this date is Visualize internal and external goalsreleasing energy towards them.

Wednesday 13 December

with Mercury retrograde in CapricornSmall worries and problems can affect the feeling of progress toward our goals. We were A time to review, revise and rethinkCorrect before proceeding.

From a scientific point of view, Mercury does not “retrograde” in its orbit. However, this is how we see it from Earth. (Source: Archive).

Friday December 22

He has this history The sun is in Capricorn. It is a good time to plan, structure, and take advantage of Capricorn energy. This day is perfect for Setting long-term goalsTaking responsibilities and feeling proud of achievements.

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Sunday 24 December

good night that it A day of joy, union and renewal. It is ideal for bringing out all magical devices and attracting good omens with cleansing and abundance rituals. He is The right time to get rid of negative energy or thoughts.

It is said that Mercury retrograde is a time of confusion, delay, and misunderstanding. (Source: Archive).

Friday 29 December

with Venus in SagittariusThis date suggests that we live pleasant adventures, accompanied by expanding our awareness and trusting in the wisdom of the universe. He is It’s time to put complaints and bad moods asideOpen your heart without fear or doubt, and enjoy the connections.