May 18, 2024

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From New Zealand to Fido

From New Zealand to Fido

From New Zealand to Fidowas given

The 608km journey every weekend to play with his country has been rewarded Inigo BrontëA footballer from Navarra who has achieved something many players only dream of. Go back to your city’s board and build it Upgrade. Last Saturday, June 3, the Calatrava He was promoted to favorite with Inigo’s double. However, the story behind this football player goes much further. He is First Spanish player in history New Zealand must play in the first division. His football has traveled from North Carolina, USA Wellington In New Zealand, passes through Fidero. “Osasuna signed me when I was 8 years old and I played for 10 seasons,” Inigo explained.

Already at the University of Navarra, he began studying international relations. However, his place is not going to be pompous, but Elon UniversityIn North Carolina, USA. Thanks to the scholarship, the young man from Navarre was able to study economics and political science there while playing in the first division of university football. However, when he finished his degree, Covid started, so he had to return to Spain, where he finished the course he started in Pamplona. “That year I played at Pena Sport and we got promoted to the second RFEFWhile doing a master’s degree in business internationalization”, commented Iñigo.

After completing my Masters, I got a job opportunity New Zealand. Bronte explained: “The leisure issue was a bit complicated because of the Covid issue and because there weren’t many Spaniards. So I thought I could get something out of football. After sending several videos to clubs and talking to different coaches, The Wellington United, a first division team, took up his services. “It helped me a lot, being in a group so I wouldn’t be alone and being able to combine it well with work,” she said. “I worked at the embassy from eight to three, more or less, and in the afternoon I had training sessions,” Inigo added.

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In addition, he explains how football is in that country: “There, the first division is not as professional as in Spain, It is comparable to the second B here”. “It’s a completely different type of football, more back and forth,” commented Inigo Very illegal. Ultimately, matches end with big results”. The experience of playing professionally in another country was very enriching for him, but Inigo didn’t exactly go there to hang out. The youngster from Navarre got his team there and was recently promoted to the first division Permanent Being him He is the fourth highest scorer in the categorywith Eight goals 21 of his team’s scores.

After a successful season abroad, Inigo decided to return to where he was Close to home, Madrid, though he has reasons to stay. “After the season, I got the chance to continue playing Australian Third Division. I signed everything, but it gave me a bit of ‘shit’ to be alone and far away from home for another year”, he explained. “I still have a fly behind my ear about what would have happened if I had been playing, but I want to be too. Close to my family”, added Inigo. Eventually, he ended up playing for his hometown team Calatrava. “When I was in New Zealand, I took a trip to Australia and met a friend of Fidero’s who was on the Calatrava board of directors. He fought to get me signed to the team and eventually he managed to trick me into signing”, he commented between laughs.

Inigo lives in Madrid Play on fidero, at a distance of 304 kilometers. But his love for the land and his family is the fuel that drives him every weekend to play with the team. “My father was the team’s first coach for 10 or 12 seasons, which coincided with when I was born,” Inigo said. Additionally, he added: “Ever since I learned to walk, I used to watch the team’s matches at the stadium every weekend. I have been watching Calatrava since I can remember”. Perhaps it was chance, or football itself, always so capricious, that Calatrava managed to double Inigo on Fidero. Upgrade to optional. “Last game, my grandfather came to see me, who turned 101, and I was able to celebrate the goals with him behind the goal,” he said. “I hugged him when I scored the goal and it was the best yellow card I’ve ever received in my life. To be able to celebrate a goal with my grandfather. It’s worth all the effortBronte concluded.

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According to him Future football player, Inigo explained: “I don’t know what I will do next year. I don’t think he will continue at Calatrava, because trying to return every weekend is impossible in the long run. Additionally, he added: “For work, I don’t know if I’m going to stay in Spain or if they’re going to send me to Panama, and I’ll be looking for something related to football. If I stay in Madrid, I will definitely look for something.

Football gives us a unique story. A returning player From the other side of the planet to your landAnd got the first team to see his eyes, promoted him to the hero of the record.