June 23, 2024

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Galindo, after the fight against New Zealand: “It was a very good performance”

Galindo, after the fight against New Zealand: “It was a very good performance”

Alvaro GalindoHead coach Bhumitas And players Benjamin Elizalte and Ignacio DoradoArgentina reflected on their feelings after the defeat against the Under-20 team New Zealand 20 for 43. Bhumitas will play again Rugby Championship M20Next Sunday, May 12, against South Africa at 0:30 p.m.

In reports to the UAR, The coach noted: The sense of competition is a bit vague. On the one hand, the boys sometimes did what we planned, and with these types of competitors, I think 80 minutes should be more intense and more focused, and sometimes we couldn’t do that. Not much to regret, but a lot to work on. “We’ve already talked to the boys about what we need to do and how we can improve, because that’s the idea of ​​these types of tournaments.”

In turn, Galindo highlighted the importance of giving all players minutes on the court and clarified what the main objective for the team is this season. “For us, it is very important that many people can play and that the whole team is on the field. We are building a team and the boys are in their development. The ultimate goal is the World Cup. There were very good performances today.”said the coach from Tucuman.

For his part, the fullback was also talked about Benjamin Elizalde. Retreat from Salta: “It’s a very intense, very tough game. We have things to improve on and I think we were good when we were able to achieve what we set out to do. I’m happy with that. Plus, it’s good to add minutes to it. I’m glad this match is happening because we’ve made another run at the World Cup.

Finally, he also analyzed what happened Ignacio DoradoThe third line almost, Author of an initiative against Maori actors: “We knew they were going to move the ball to us a lot and have a lot of variation in their game. At first it was hard for us to adapt, but in the second half we raised the bar a little bit, but we did. You don’t know how to take advantage of certain situations against these teams, and in this situation they make you They lose a game.”

Source: UAR