June 23, 2024

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Seven tips to make the most of your money while studying

Seven tips to make the most of your money while studying

5. Buy everything (or almost) used. From home furniture to clothing, reusing is always cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Buying used textbooks or renting and selling them when they are no longer needed can be a good option. “Textbooks can be expensive and a student may not need to keep them forever,” emphasizes the consultant and commercial director of OVB Spain.

6. Find work or an additional source of income. A good way to keep your finances healthy is to look for a part-time job (depending on the semester change) or on weekends. Giving private lessons, working as a shop assistant, babysitting, or coaching a children’s or youth team are among the possibilities for earning extra money.

The digital economy also provides opportunities for students to earn income: selling things that are no longer used online, freelancing services to carry out specific tasks, or monetizing profiles on social networks are some examples.

7. Use your student card. It seems obvious, but sometimes not all the benefits it offers are known. Student cards in different countries usually offer discounts at cinemas, copy shops, certain restaurants or transportation.

In Spain, some cards offer a discount of up to 150,000 in various businesses: from gyms, transport, fast food, electronics stores and music festivals to online entertainment, accommodation and airlines.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Mexico City, students can enjoy a special rate on the metro mass transit system. In Buenos Aires, using the SUBE student ticket, Argentine students travel for free by bus, train, river transport, urban, suburban and intercity services.

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