July 14, 2024

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The featherweight shares an unpublished photo of his new look from the sea and surprises the networks: “The mullet is no longer there”

The featherweight shares an unpublished photo of his new look from the sea and surprises the networks: “The mullet is no longer there”

The featherweight is breaking the nets with his new look. (Instagram)

featherweight She has been on social networks for several days due to the supposed change in her appearance. However, he broke the trends again in the last few hours because he shared a new photo that reveals his image change.

Even though it is Election Day, the Corydos Tumbados singer has made a place for himself on social networks thanks to his works. changing look.

Through their social networks, in stories On Instagram, the Corydos Tumbados singer shared a new photo in which he is standing in front of the beach with a night light.

Featherweight shared on social networks. (Instagram)

And in the same picture you can see how the artist seems to have said goodbye to his distinctive qualities Mullet Which I have known for a long time and which has been repeated by many underage girls in beauty salons all over the country.

Apparently your new one look This is due to promoting the production of his next album, which will be released on platforms on June 20 of this year.

All kinds of reactions were generated on social networks: “He already cut it, I’m shocked”, “If I liked it before now I love it”, “Oof, it looks good”, “It’s true: the featherweight mullet doesn’t really exist” “, “He’s doing marketing with his damn hair”, “Prime is coming”.

Has the singer just confirmed his image change? | Cover: Infobae Mexico.

The featherweight has become a topic of conversation and a trend on social media after an alleged image change that surprised many. An AI-generated photo has gone viral online, sparking uncertainty over the alleged transformation in the Corydos Tumbados singer’s appearance.

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Two days ago, Lady Gaga posted a story on social media showing herself in front of a mirror, suggesting that she may have changed her hairstyle. The photo, although not completely clear, showed the singer covering his face with his cell phone and a scarf flash activated, making it difficult to discern any specific details.

The alleged photo of the featherweight with a new look. (Screenshot @GavilanBoss)

However, the change in Hassan Emilio’s appearance was noticeable, and it did not take long for digital platforms to respond. Soon, an AI-generated image began circulating on the same networks, representing what was new look For the artist. This photo caused great confusion among the featherweight’s followers, who thought it was authentic.

The confusion and flood of comments prompted the singer to deny the rumors on his social media sites. Hassan Emilio explained that the rumors are baseless, and that the spread image does not match his real appearance, to put an end to the rumors and restore reassurance to his followers.