August 8, 2022

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Geminos, the stackable monitors that solve a lot of problems |  technology

Geminos, the stackable monitors that solve a lot of problems | technology

Do you use one screen or two devices? The answer does not matter. From the point of view of ergonomics and productivity, both options can be improved. At least that’s what the creators of Geminos say.

Screens today are quite large, but a few years ago screens smaller than 20 inches were used. As you see one screen, Often times, even though the eyes are aligned, they don’t align with the height of the back, and this eventually causes us to shrug our shoulders. That’s why when You spend a lot of time using the computer, Your back or neck hurts.

For reasons of productivity at work, or to get more immersion in video games, Many users choose to use two screens. But they lay it horizontally, next to each other. This forces the head to constantly shift from one to the other, producing neck pain.

Gemini Suggest use Stackable Screenshe is called, one on top of the other, vertically. This new configuration is more comfortable, and solves posture and productivity problems. You can see how it works in the news opening video.

Using two screens, one on top of the other, The field of view increases No need to turn our neck, because we just have to move our eyes up and down.

It also allows us sit up straight And we don’t inadvertently shrink our backs for a better view ShowBecause it is twice as large.

All this makes Neck and sciatica pain and stiffness problems are reduced.

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Finally, as we can see in the video, Gemini Can also be used for Productivity improvement. We can open a page from Word or PDF using both screens, and since it is 2 times larger, it is more comfortable to read.

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Gemini It is made up Two 24-inch 1080p screens Not only is it stackable, but it can also be rotated and placed at different heights, for added convenience.

Finally, it provides many connections and functions, such as Webcam, built-in speakers, USB hub with different connectionsand a laptop or portable 100-watt charger.

Gemini financed On Kickstarter In just 36 minutes. I needed 25,000 euros which is already over 1 million euros. If you’re interested, only these two monitors stacked together are priced 489 euros.