July 4, 2022

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General Motors announces online used car sales service

January 11, 2022 | 6:55 pm

general motors General Motors announced on Tuesday that it will launch a new service for Buying and selling Used cars, both online and at dealerships, are called CarBravo.

With this, the car company seeks Giants rivalry Online car sales like Carvana or CarMax.

In a statement, GM said the CarBravo will launch this spring and offer both GM and non-GM brand vehicles.

The vehicles that will be available at CarBravo will come from dealerships across the country as well as from GM’s primary used vehicle inventory, said Steve Carlisle, President of General Motors North America.

While its Cadillac brand, which focuses on luxury cars, is already working on its own used car dealership.

General Motors indicated that it seeks through the establishment of this service to provide more choices for consumers and access to a larger market for used cars.

It is estimated that GM dealers have a stockpile of nearly 400,000 used vehicles.

This announcement comes after nearly a year in it stronghold, one of its competitors, will launch a similar product called Ford Blue Advantage.

GM’s decision to launch the CarBravo comes at a time when the used-car market is at an all-time high due to a shortage of new cars due to the chip crisis.

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MG, Toyota and Suzuki gain ground amid semiconductor crisis

Amid a semiconductor shortage hitting auto industry sales in 2021, some automakers were able to cash in on other competitors, including a new player in Mexico.

Over the past year it has been sold 14,680 million cars in the country, an annual increase of 6.8%, But it could not progress any faster toward pre-pandemic levels, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

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