November 30, 2023

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Genoveva Casanova denies having a relationship with Frederick of Denmark, and the Royal House “does not comment or confirm” |  the people

Genoveva Casanova denies having a relationship with Frederick of Denmark, and the Royal House “does not comment or confirm” | the people

The magazine’s headline on Tuesday was “Genoveva and Federico de Denmark together.” Read %sThus, we await the exclusive that arrived on newsstands this morning and which continues to be talked about in gossip programs and magazines. The newspaper claimed that “the future king visited her in Madrid and slept in her apartment.” The meeting took place last Wednesday, October 25: Frederick of Denmark, heir to the Danish throne, and Genoveva Casanova, ex-wife of Caetano Martínez de Irujo, visited the exhibition together. Picasso, the sacred and the profane At the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, they then toured El Retiro Park and went to dinner at the capital’s famous El Corral de la Morería restaurant, which offers flamenco shows. “Once inside, they were seated in a booth hidden behind a secret curtain that was guarded by a waiter at all times,” he explains. Read %s. After one o’clock in the morning, Federico and Genoveva leave the building and head to the apartment. social In the Jerónimos neighborhood of Madrid. At 8:30 the next morning, Federico leaves the house with a suitcase and takes a taxi to the airport. While all this is happening in the Spanish capital, Mary Donaldson, the prince’s wife, is on an official trip to the United States.

Read %s This information was published during the three-day state visit of the Spanish Kings to Denmark. Just yesterday, the cover had spread like wildfire on social networks when they went to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteca, where a visit to the exhibition was held. Joaquín Sorolla – Light in motion And dinner. An evening presented by royalty to the Danish royal family, which included Queen Margaret, Princess Benedicta, and Crown Princes Frederik and Mary. Overnight, in Copenhagen, the Danish royal family issued a statement in which they neither confirmed nor denied the information: “We have for years followed a policy of not commenting on or confirming any details regarding private matters. “Furthermore, we would like to reiterate our commitment to respecting the privacy of members of the royal family, including the Crown Prince.”

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Genoveva Casanova was more frank in her reaction. In his first statements to the magazine Welcome!, He stressed: “I categorically deny the statements indicating the existence of a romantic relationship between me and Prince Frederick. Any such statement is not only completely untrue, but also maliciously distorts the facts. This is truly in the hands of lawyers who will take care of taking appropriate steps to protect my right to honor, truth and privacy.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary upon their arrival to the dinner in honor of Queen Margaret, which was held this Tuesday at the Ny Carlsberg Museum in Copenhagen, as part of the official trip undertaken by the Kings of Spain through Denmark.
Juanjo Martin (EFE)

A few hours later, the Mexican shared a statement Your Instagram profile, A post in which no comments are allowed, signed by his lawyer, Emilio Ramírez Matos: “With regard to the information and insinuations published by the magazine Read %s On November 8 regarding an alleged relationship between Federico di Denmark and Genoveva Casanova, we must correct the above information as being completely false and untrue. We want to make it clear that there was no romantic relationship at all between Mrs. Genoveva and the Prince and we regret the damage and prejudice caused by its publication. “. This is the text they are urging Read %s to publish within 24 hours, and if they do not, they will initiate legal action. Genoveva Casanova became the heroine of a news story that reached not only the Spanish and Danish media, but also around the world.

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The Mexican, who turns 47 on Wednesday, November 8, has 65,400 followers on Instagram. A profile in which he shared the writings of his attorneys also motivates the magazine Read %s “To cancel, correct and/or reject” the information. His advertising campaigns or television appearances appear in many of his publications, as well as some moments from his private life and travels. And after the news of her afternoon of culture and gastronomy with Federico from Denmark in Madrid, many have now drawn their attention precisely to the photo she posted on October 6: On that date Genoveva Casanova was in Denmark, specifically in Copenhagen, where I would have enjoyed a Luke Combs concert or a visit to the National Museum. What he didn’t count on was who shared this getaway with him.

On October 15, the Danish royal family celebrated a huge birthday celebration to mark the coming of age of Christian of Denmark, the first son of Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson and, therefore, second in the line of succession to the Nordic nation. Frederik and Mary Donaldson, who married on 14 May 2004 in Copenhagen Cathedral, have three other children: Elizabeth, Vincent and Josephine of Denmark.