November 30, 2023

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Photovoltaic cells – Elegant black glass modules from Trina Solar win international design award

Photovoltaic cells – Elegant black glass modules from Trina Solar win international design award

Trina Solar introduced this series of double glazed panels last February, a launch that sparked a new wave of aesthetic innovation in the mid-range and high-end residential market around the world. The modules are based on 210mm rectangular silicon cell technology with advanced N-type i-TOPCon technology, which provides maximum power and efficiency throughout the entire useful life. In addition, its three-piece cells are designed to be electrically compatible with 99% of conventional inverters, allowing for hassle-free integration, and its double-glazed structure – 1.6+1.6mm – provides high panel reliability while maintaining light weight. Similar standard backsheet products.

Vertex S+ series
The Vertex S+ Series Clear Black NEG9RC.27 features black cells and a black frame and includes dual-sided cell technology with clear packaging for extra power. Specifically, it is ideal for specific applications such as covered parking lots, public spaces and agricultural projects. On the other hand, the NEG9R.28 Vertex S+ single-sided module features a white housing for a maximum output power of 450W, thus achieving maximum performance in limited rooftop spaces. The high uniformity between all cells, between cells and frames, and between modules, ensures safety in the exterior design of buildings. Vertex S+ panels improve the aesthetics of roofs and enhance the attractive appearance of thousands of homes around the world that benefit from solar energy.

Gonzalo de la Viña, President EMEA at Trina Solar: “Winning the German Design Award not only confirms the creative and innovative design and performance of our module. As pioneers of black modules, we have started a global trend in integrating solar energy and technological aesthetic experience. With the world’s continuous growth in the residential PV systems market, more and more users have more requirements They are demanding regarding the appearance of the modules, which is why aesthetic panels have become the first choice for this type of user, thanks to their combination of appearance and performance.

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German Design Award
The German Design Award, founded by the German Design Council in 1953, is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. Only products that have been reviewed or recommended by the German Design Committee can be nominated, and the majority of nominated products are international award-winning designs, often known as “winners among winners”.