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George Orwell, the current older brother today

George Orwell, the current older brother today

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George Orwell Over the years, he has become Big Brother today with his great novel 1984.

Eric Arthur Blair Motihari Born June 25, 1903 in Bengal, India But he is best known by his pen name George Orwell, who wrote one of the most rude and modern novels.

It is located around a Classical literature Which lasts, never loses its relevance, no matter when it was written, every time it is read, it can be said that it was just born.

Orwell’s Peak 1984a dystopian political novel, written in 1949, very modern in 2022, with the alternative now totalitarian state in Big Brother Watching You becoming more modern and technology, internet and applications derived from it becoming Big Brother.

The past as a mirror of the present and the future

George Orwell described how man is confused in a A state that robs us of justice and freedom.

Many analysts are discovering similarities between today’s society and the world of 1984, indicating that we are beginning to live in what has become known as Orwell Society.

This pertains to a society in which information is manipulated and practiced Mass surveillance and political repression and social.

However, we must not forget that these elements have already appeared in the Russian novel We (1924) for Zamyatin, in which Orwell was an inspirationWhich is considered the foundational novel of the contemporary miserable novel.

However, the 1984 novel is more popular and the term “Orwell” has become synonymous with societies or organizations that reproduce totalitarian and oppressive attitudes like those. represented in the novel.

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The novel was a success in terms of sales and became one of the The most influential book of the twentieth century.

The last man in Europe in 1984

The bulk of the novel was written by Orwell, seriously indeed tuberculosis patientOn the island of Jura in Scotland between 1947 and 1948.

In a letter to his literary agent, Orwell stated that the idea of ​​writing the novel came to him in 1943, and that he still hesitated between naming it. The last man in Europe (The Last Man in Europe) or one thousand nine hundred eighty-four (nine hundred and eighty-four)? He did not rule out another title at the last minute.

Although it is known that the final decision to name the novel was due to the fact that Warburg, his literary agent, considered it a more commercial title, its origin is unknown.

Orwell did not live to see the success of his book. He didn’t witness how he himself turned 1984 into a year chasing an entire person american generation.

died from Tuberculosis in a London hospital In January 1950, just a few months after the book was published, at the age of forty-six.

73 years after its 1984 publication, George Orwell He has become the current Big Brother today.