May 23, 2022

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Germany, Japan and Costa Rica or New Zealand, Spain to compete in World Cup in Qatar |  Sports

Germany, Japan and Costa Rica or New Zealand, Spain to compete in World Cup in Qatar | Sports

A bone, GermanyAnd the team that wins the playoffs between the two lower rivals, Japan and New Zealand and Costa Rica, will be Spain’s rivals. Qatar World Cup. The appointment will start on November 21 with a meeting between the team and the Ecuadorian team and end on December 18. Organizing with the luxurious decor of the Doha Convention Center will benefit from an active, shaky choice that shows off the country’s richness. Louis Enrique. Spain will make their debut against New Zealand or Costa Rica on November 23, face Germany on November 27 and end the group stage against Japan on December 1. Failure to reach one of the first two places is a historic setback. The Spanish coach admitted that Draw had given him team status at an affordable price and then a more complicated path. “The easy draw may surprise you later. We all know how to get there. It’s time to enjoy it and be confident. Germany is a force. There is a coach On topIt has improved and changed. But we are Spain, one more power, we are seventh in the FIFA rankings, “said Kijon’s coach. But that is not going to make us lose hope. We will try to win by playing good football, ”said Jose Francisco Molina, the federation’s sports director.

In the 16th round, Belgium, which is ahead of Croatia, Morocco and Canada, will be the Reds’ big battle with Germany for the first place to avoid Group E’s favorite Belgium. Being number one in the group means that if the reigning champions take the lead in their squad they will not face France until the final.

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Accompanying the Heraldry of the Germans Attractive football proposed by his coach Hansie Flick. The same coach who crowned the historic Bayern Munich, beating Barcelona 8-2 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League final in Lisbon in 2020, 8-2. The fight between Spain and the Germans was undoubtedly the star match of the first phase. The attractive and bold styles of the two technicians promise an interesting fight.

Confidence in the film

Flick Byrne has selected the module (Neuer, Kimmich, Goretzka. Süle, Gnabry Müller and Sané) and 4-2-3-1 by the same drawing. The absence of a proven goal scorer is a hereditary problem that has already caused a headache for his predecessor Joachim Low. Flick tried to build it with Howard (Chelsea). The negative dynamics that Lowe entered Germany in his last years, exiting the first leg of the World Cup in Russia and the 16th round of the last European Championship, caused fatigue among German international players and fans. Under Flick’s leadership, Germany once again feels like a candidate. Flickr could not help but frown when his compatriot Lothar Mathews paired the Germans and Spaniards. When the group was finally formed, he was very satisfied: “I am happy. One of the strongest teams in Brazil, France has a presence in a team more than us. That’s how it is. We are satisfied and gladly accept it. Everything depends on us. An easy team can not touch you, “explained the German coach.

The history of the clash between Spain and Germany in the World Cup is four. In 1966, in England, the Germans (2-1) won the group stage, with the Spanish team eliminated. The second clash took place in Spain at the 1982 World Cup and the Germans won again in the quarterfinals (2-1), which also marked Spain’s exit. The 1994 draw in the United States began with a team draw led by Javier Clemente (1-1). The last clash of the World Cup took place in South Africa in the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup. Spain reached their first World Cup final with a Corner kick executed by Puele’s historic header. “We have negative memories of Spain, but something like South Africa does not happen to us twice. We did not embroider it properly in the last championship, we want to make up for it,” said Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

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There is no history of Spain playing against Japan in the World Cup. Japan, led by Hajim Morias, have qualified for the World Cup for the seventh time. His two stars are center-back Tomias (Arsenal) and Tag Cubo, although Madridista borrowed from Mallorca and failed to get a starting position. Japan maintains the high rhythm of the game trying to print to harass its rivals.

Keeler Nawaz’s Costa Rica’s favorite to win the playoff match against New Zealand depends on their striker Chris Woods (in Newcastle), the tank in the air. Classic teams, both Japan and Costa Rica or New Zealand, can fight back if Spain do not open the scoring soon.

If Spain wins the first round and the 16th round, their potential rivals will always be Brazil, Uruguay or Portugal, depending on whether they are first or second in the group. In the semi-finals, the Netherlands, Argentina and Senegal will be lucky if he avoids France to finish in the top two of his group.

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