July 1, 2022

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Media marathon against the Cuban embargo adds new voices - Escambrai

Media marathon against the Cuban embargo adds new voices – Escambrai

The initiative will transmit uninterruptedly for 24 hours materials containing complaints and allegations to stop the blockade that the island has suffered for more than 60 years.

The marathon will start on Saturday at 8 pm French time. (Photo: PL)

The European Left Party and the American Solidarity Project added priests for peace on Friday to accompany the media marathon that this weekend will condemn Washington’s blockade of Cuba.

In its latest update on the participants in the initiative, Europa por Cuba highlighted the merging of the two organizations into the marathon that will start on Saturday at 8:00 pm French time, broadcasting uninterrupted material for 24 hours with denunciations and demands to stop the blockade afflicting the island. More than 60 years ago.

The State Information Service celebrated the invitation and launched a solidarity and international call to join it, in a message sent to the channel, which in January called on the media, civil society associations, political forces, parliamentarians and citizens from five continents to speak out against the United States. The economic, commercial and financial embargo.

The European left described this policy applied to Cuba as a criminal policy, due to its nature that violates human rights and international law, and demanded its immediate lifting.

Priests for Peace also confirmed their participation via a video clip sent to the platform that was created in October 2020 to support the island and demand an end to the siege and the attacks it is facing.

The American Interfaith Organization is very popular in the largest of the Antilles for its well-known convoys of aid to Cubans, in defiance of the hostile policy of their country’s government, a project that began in 1992.

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In the past few hours, the Spanish Communist Party, Mexican thinker Fernando Buen Abad and French journalist Maurice Lemoine have added their voices to the media marathon against the blockade.

According to Europe for Cuba, the extensive list of media outlets that have secured their contribution to the 24 Hours initiative include news agencies Prensa Latina, SANA, Sputnik, Telesur, HispanTV, Al Mayadeen, Cubavisión Internacional and ANTV. of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

It also confirmed the participation of radio stations Radio del Sur, Radio Patagonia, Radio Rebelde, Radio Habana Cuba, the release of the Latin American Summary and many other traditional and alternative media.

With regard to organizations, the list includes, among others, the World Federation of Trade Unions, the Latin American Network for Solidarity with Cuba, and the National and International Council for People’s Communication.