December 3, 2021

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God of War has become the best-selling game on Steam, just hours after it premiered on PC

God of War has become the best-selling game on Steam, just hours after it premiered on PC

NSod of War continues to expand its mythology, honoring the epic with classical culture as its main theme. From Greek to Norse mythology, by changing the main axis of delivery, where Kratos’ independence develops into a familiar feeling that introduces Atreus as the main character’s weak point.

Today’s information has nothing to do with this transformation of the saga, other than to suggest how immortal a brand like God of War is. GOTY for 2018 is coming soon to PC after the announcement of SIE Santa Monica Studio and it wasn’t long after its success to appear in the lists of the best-selling games on Steam. PC users also seem keen on using swords of chaos…

God of War has become the best-selling game on Steam

The expectation was to buy God of War on PC, so that in a few hours the 2018 version became the best-selling game on Steam.. Inscryption and New World are a big fad already vying for the top of the platform, but at one point it was a rendition of SIE Santa Monica Studio that was placed in TOP1.

In addition to whether or not God of War is the best-selling game on Steam, the sheer number of users who have shown an interest in this access on PC allows us to appreciate (even more, if possible) the importance of that particularity it brings to the saga. Play Station. Kratos and Atreus will open 2022 with the best possible news for PC users, as well as for various video game distribution platforms (such as Stream or the Epic Games Store).

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When does God of War appear on PC? date of publication

“God of War Sets the Path for PC”, crossed by many colleagues and is already a reality. The release date of God of War (2018) on PC is Friday, January 14, 2022, welcoming the great year for upcoming video games.. The question that has been clarified among PlayStation fans now is whether the saga is no longer exclusive to Sony.

Much like these console fights, the debate is as silly as it is barren, like The arrival of God of War on PC does not mean that its world of popularity has lived on PlayStation. Epic and Sony will always be very grateful, for they have shone in a perfect symbiosis until their setting God of War in the “Olympus” industry.

How much does God of War cost for PC? Price and summary

At this point in the movie, or the anime (as they say now), no one needs a synopsis of God of War, but Steam presents it to us as a diversion of the hero: “Kratos left behind his revenge on the Olympian gods and now lives as a man in the realms of Norse gods and beasts. In this cruel and unforgiving world, he must fight to survive… and teaches his son to do so too.”.

God of War on PC starts at €49.99 and can be paid now. Now, obviously, we won’t be able to download content until the launch date hits; Friday January 14, 2022. Who does not want Memir’s head behind his back?

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