June 23, 2024

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Google and SEO through AI (advertisers react)

Google and SEO through AI (advertisers react)

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Google is transforming SEO with AI-powered search and this is how advertisers are interacting

To adapt to this new era, marketers have begun experimenting with different strategies.

The evolution of online search is characterized by the integration of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) in Google search engines, SEO conversion the way users interact with information and, therefore, Advertiser strategies. New search engine Google Artificial Intelligence OverviewIt includes videos and images and encourages the formulation of complex and detailed questions. All this caused Revolutionizing traditional SEO practices.

Despite all the positive things AI can mean with these characteristics, Criticisms (and ridicule) number in the thousands Due to lack of judgment and incorrect information provided by this tool.

Advertiser strategies to join the Google AI bandwagon

To adapt to this new era, Marketers started experimenting with different strategiesEmbedding videos and images on websites has become a crucial tactic. For example, some brands are turning text FAQs into video content to increase their visibility in AI-powered search results. “Brands that integrate video and image assets into their SEO strategy are taking the lead in the AI ​​landscape,” he says. Jeremy Hall, Product Manager at Brainlabs.

Besides the Optimize for very long tail keywords,such as detailed and specific queries, are gaining importance. Marketers modify their content to answer detailed questions. This approach ensures that information about products and services is well represented in AI-generated searches. There are agencies that also conduct brand audits to identify and fill content gaps, ensuring that their clients are in a position to provide AI answers to informational queries.

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“We must adapt without panicking. “As with other research developments, it is necessary to proactively rethink strategies.” Sam Tomlinson, executive vice president of Warschawski.

Google part

Google,Apart from advertisers, Continue to develop tools Which combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence to improve search engines, search results, and ads. View tools like Extensive matching together with Maximum performance This is an example of how technology aims to improve the relevance of AI research findings. Although some marketers, e.g Michael Robbins from Exverus MediaBut they still do not see the direct impact of these tools on… AI-generated search experience (SGE), Google continues to aggressively promote this integration.

New features like Automatically generated assets And Acquiring new customers It is designed to help advertisers adapt to this shift.