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Google Calendar: How do you get the most out of this tool? | tricks | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | technology

Google Calendar allows users to organize their daily lives by default. This tool It helps us control what we should do easily and in advance. What are the best tricks?

This tool is a virtual calendar that allows you to create and plan different tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It allows us to sync it with our contact base, so we can invite them and share events. When activities are saved within the calendar, it sends a notification minutes in advance as a reminder for each planned event.

Google Calendar will help you create a request for each of the priority activitiesIn addition to creating and sharing an event with a group to coordinate meetings. Here is a list of some of the best tricks out there to get the most out of this organizing tool:

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What are the best Google Calendar tricks?

1. Work with multiple calendars. One of the great benefits of using Google Calendar is the ability to display many different calendars in the same interface. This function allows you to better organize yourself for activities of different types.

For example, you can include a personal calendar, a work calendar, calendars that display domestic or international holidays, and a calendar that adds the calendar of your favorite sports team. How?

  • From the app or website, next to “Other calendars” on the right, select the plus sign (+).
  • Click Create New Calendar, type a name to identify it and add a description. Then click “Create calendar”
  • Your new calendar will now be active and you’ll find it in the “My calendars” category.
  • If you want to change the custom color, hover over the calendar name, click the three-dot options menu, and choose a color.
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Google Calendar allows you to group and work with multiple calendars at the same time. | (Photo: Spread)

two. Custom notifications. Events you create in Google Calendar have a standard notification reminding you of the name you gave them. However, when you edit an event, you have the option of “Add Notification”, with which you can edit additional notification with custom text and at a specific time.

In addition, you can also choose whether to receive this notification in a notification or in an email. So, you can have the calendar send you an email with a custom text to remind you of the event you are setting up.

With Google Calendar, you can customize your daily event notifications.  (Photo: Spread)
With Google Calendar, you can customize your daily event notifications. (Photo: Spread)

3. Receive an email with today’s agenda. Every morning you can receive an email first thing in the morning that includes tasks to be done during the day. You can schedule it the day before. Just follow these steps:

  • Click the gear icon to access settings (on the desktop, it’s in the top left, and on mobile, it’s at the bottom of the dropdown menu).
  • Go to the Settings section of My calendars and click on the calendar for which you want to receive summaries.
  • A new section will open with a list of options. Locate Other Notifications at the end and enable Daily Agenda by selecting Email.

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four. Integrate Google Maps into your calendar. Do you have a business appointment or work in a place that you don’t know how to get to? Just schedule your event by adding a title. This way, the calendar will sync with Google Maps so that it tells us how to get there when we need to go.

This function also allows you to control the time you invest to arrive on time for the appointment. And the method is very simple: just do it Open Google Calendar, join the event (or create one) and add a titleso that Google Maps searches its database and finds the exact location of the encounter.

5. Add to-do list. Google Calendar has integrated the “To-Do List” or “Google Tasks” tool into its platform. It’s a complementary tool built into the calendar that allows you to create a list of tasks that you can mark as completed and that will disappear while you do so, making it easier for you to get an overview of everything you need to do.

To activate the task list, you just have to select a location Task icon (circle with a check mark) Which appears in the bar on the right side of the web version of Google Calendar (in the mobile app, you can locate it by clicking the More button). These tasks will be visible only to you and you can add the details you see fit.