July 14, 2024

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Google Play Store will allow apps to open automatically once installed

Google Play Store will allow apps to open automatically once installed

Google Play Store wants users to not forget that they installed apps. (Google)

With the idea of ​​improving the user’s experience with the applications he installs on his devices, Google is preparing a new function in the Play Store that promises to simplify the access time to downloaded applications. This option is called “Automatic App Open” and will allow downloaded apps to open automatically once their installation is complete.

Currently, when users download an app from the Android app store, They have to navigate on their device’s home screen to find the icon of the newly installed app and then open it manually.

This process, although relatively simple, can make many forget to run the applications they have just installed, Especially for those users who download multiple applications and fill their phones with different platforms.

With the introduction of App Auto Open, Google seeks to eliminate this extra step. According to information from an analysis of the Google Play Store version 41.4.19 code conducted by Android Authority, This new feature will automatically activate apps once their installation is complete.

Google Play Store wants users to not forget that they installed apps. (Google)

This way, users won’t have to manually search for or open newly downloaded apps, which promises to make using new apps faster and more straightforward.

When a user downloads an app from the Play Store, the Auto Open app will trigger a notification that appears at the top of the screen. This alert will inform the user that the application has been installed and will open automatically.

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The default notification duration will be five seconds and can be set to sound or vibration, depending on your device settings. Additionally, users will have the option to silence this alert if they prefer and want a more personalized experience, especially if they are constantly downloading many apps.

Although this is a small change, it could become an ideal tool for users to not fill their phones with platforms they will never use, but rather when they install themthey can test the app right away and decide whether to keep it or prefer to delete it.

Google Play Store wants users to not forget that they installed apps. (dpa)

As of now, the feature is not available and cannot be configured, so it is still under development. However, Google is expected to gradually roll it out in future Play Store updates, once all the technical details are optimized and its optimal functionality is ensured, as happens with this type of functionality that is added in applications and digital stores.

The Google Play Store offers a feature called Reminders for Downloaded Apps, which aims to solve a common problem among Android users: downloading apps that are then forgotten and never opened.

This new feature is designed to remind users to open applications they have installedbut they haven’t used it yet.

The store will help users get better knowledge of the apps they want to download. (Google)

When a user downloads an app from the Google Play Store, if 24 hours pass without opening it, the system will send a reminder notification. This notification will inform the user that the platform is installed and ready to use, along with a button to open the app directly from the notification.

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Like AutoPlay, this reminder can be a useful tool for users who download multiple apps at the same time or who have a habit of delaying opening apps after the initial download.

The Google Play Store will allow users to customize how they want to receive these reminders. Options will include the ability to set notifications to silent or with sound, or even disable them completely if the user prefers not to receive these types of reminders.